Collar x Malice

released on Aug 18, 2016

Collar x Malice is a visual novel, and follows Ichika Hoshino, who is patrolling Shinjuku, Tokyo. She is attacked, and a collar with poison is placed around her neck; following this, she becomes involved with the "X-Day Incident", which is being investigated by five former police officers.

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icônico. o conceito, a história, a progressão do romance, a arte, a hype de resolver mistérios!!! coramari é um jogo bem longo de fato, mas não é arrastado; tem muitos âmbitos interessantes do enredo pra cobrir. eu me apaixonei por todos os garotos... exceto o sasazuka, mas mesmo assim é divertido odiar ele e chamar ele de nomes feios. >___< fora isso, todos tem apelo: okazaki é macio e fofo, mineo é intenso e babão, shiraishi é divertido de ver reações e desenvolvimento (no fim ele é bem devoto ok!), yanagi é confortável e jumbo sized, tudo lindo. claro, tem o sasazuka. mas ele que se foda.

sasazuka is my girlfriend
went into this blind and was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that it's about how "actually yeah i guess the cops r bad but mostly they're right". but with enough mind numbing u can make do

✓ The art is beautiful!
✓ The voice acting is very well done and fits each of the characters very well.
✓ The world building is tied intricately into each one of the routes and you learn more and more about X-Day and the setting as you finish each LI's story.
✓ The side-characters are all very interesting and are (hopefully) expanded upon in the sequel. It's very evident that they're not there just for the sake of being there, rather each of them contributes heavily to the plot and the overall world in their own way.
✓ It's common knowledge that Yanagi's route is unlocked after you play all the other LI's. I was pretty disappointed about this at first, but after I played his route I realized why he's at the end! His route is masterfully written in order to tie in all the loose ends from the previous routes and weave them together into an action packed and entertaining finale. Trust me, it's done very well and is worth the wait.
✓ When I first played, I honestly didn't understand anything about the criminal organization (Adonis), but I think after my second/third route things were finally clicking and making sense. So keep that in mind when you play. You don't need to have a solid grasp on the story right on the bat, it builds up overtime the more routes you go through.
✓ Lots of surprising plot twists to keep the story entertaining and interesting.
✕ There's a bit of repetition between routes at the very beginning. Even though I took a decent break between routes and tried not to play them back-to-back there was still a LOT to skip over at the start which made it a little annoying.
✕ Excuse me but WHERE is a route for Morioka or Minegishi?!
✕ Even though I've heard that the sequel provides a lot more background information on side characters, I wish there were more interaction between the MC and some of the minor characters in game (especially those at the police station!).

One of the best in the genre. A nice blend of romance and a genuinely interesting (mystery/thriller) story. Also a rare example of the "main" guy not boring me to death for once, even if his route wasn't my favorite.
Takeru and Kei reign supreme. :)

An otome game I can recommend even if you're not into bishonen.