released on Aug 27, 2019

Control is a supernatural 3rd person action-adventure will challenge you to master the combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world.

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Was playing this purely for the Alan Wake link, but I think it's too weird for its own good. Control thinks it's being David Lynch, but it's actually more David Lunch.

(Played before 2023)
One of the best storytelling games that I've ever enjoyed and absolutely great. The world they created and the characters just ooze with that Twin Peaks vibe which gives it a surreal tone, and the combat thrives in a chaotic environment of explosions, thrown items with your powers, and more. I do think the combat can drag on sometimes, with not as much variety as I would've liked since the power scaling can feel weird sometimes. I also think that the DLCs are fun, but the new mechanics and items they add in aren't that interesting in late-game. I also feel like Jesse's story is put on pause for the rest of the story a little too long, especially since her main motivation is to find her missing brother. But Remedy are master-class world builders of the weird and surreal, and it shines in this game with an all-star class.

ikide bir indirime girip mailleriyle beni rahatsiz ettigi için oynamicam

everybody gangsta until the rock music starts playing in the magic maze.

Der wohl technisch beste Third Person Shooter der letzten Jahren und auch 2023 noch eines der Vorzeigespiele für Raytracing.
Jedoch ist das Gameplay sehr eintönig und man hat was den Kampf angeht in den ersten paar Stunden bereits alles gesehen an Waffen und Gegnern. Die Lore ist ganz nett aber es wirkt an vielen Stellen doch zu sehr nach "SCP Zuhause."