Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

released on Aug 11, 2023

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

released on Aug 11, 2023

Join Dangeresque, the world's greatest private eye/crooked cop, as he puzzles his way through 3 bite-sized roomisodes in this classic-style point n' click adventure.

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Listen, im probably one of the biggest Homestar Runner guys you're liable to meet, but this game is mostly bad. This is a collection of three "roomisodes" set entirely in Strong Bads self invented crooked cop/noir/action movie franchise, "Dangeresque". A "roomisode" is just a clever way of saying these are point and click adventure games that are each limited to one room, making them quick bite sized experiences that are mostly designed to deliver gags. The first of the 3 was originally released as a flash game some 15 ish years ago, the second was started around the same time but never finished, and the third was made brand new for this collection. Unfortunately this means that while the third roomisode is the most fun, funny, and polished of the three, the first plays like a flash game from some 15ish years ago. The second is somewhere in the middle. It seems odd to say when mechanically they are all identical, but the Brothers Chaps have grown as artists in the past 15 years and it shows! Part three is more clever, less grating, and has better gags than the other two parts. Im glad i decided to finish it (i considered dropping the game after part 2), but as a package it might be a hard sell even for the most die hard of die hard Homestar fans.

Game Highlight: i actually thought the 3d cutscenes were pretty neat. I liked the pixelated 3d render look. Also the third roomisode had a fun premise and twist.

If you love Homestar Runner, you're gonna love this game. It's short but densely packed with that quintessential brand of H*R humor. It was a pleasant surprise to see this game on Steam. I love that Matt & Mike Chapman still very clearly care about this IP.

Short and sweet point and click game, I really enjoyed it having grown up watching Homestar Runner but I think it's more than enjoyable for anyone who isn't familiar with the source material.

Puzzles didn't feel like cryptic bullshit which was a positive for me since I always get frustrated when point and clicks have puzzle solutions that are obfuscated. The game is designed around each episode being contained to one screen/room which I really enjoy! It makes experimenting and interacting much easier since you just have to work your way across a room. It's only 2 hours long so it didn't overstay its welcome. Really enjoyed the insane amount of dialogue the game has for every character and almost every interaction.

Feels like playing a feature length Strong Bad Email, which is just about the highest praise I can give to any piece of media.

My rating for this game is super biased because I grew up with Homestar Runner and the jokes in this game hit just right. It is otherwise a pretty basic point and click escape room esque game spanning three rooms. You may want a guide handy if you want to get perfect scores in the rooms.

discovering homestar runner as a small baby caused a tapeworm infestation in my brain that i fear will never be quelled