BUILD your world. INVENT your weapons. CREATE your adventure.

Discover a secret binding the past, present and future. A secret where an innocent inventor, a temporal warrior and an ageless evil hold the key.

Experience an epic action/RPG adventure that relies on your innovation as much as exploration and fighting reflexes.

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I have a lot of admiration for this game, however I feel to unlock Dark Cloud 2's full potential as a game, I would have to sacrifice my real world life which I was reluctantly unwilling to do.
There is so much to do, and the ridiculously vast amount of content was overwhelming for someone who wasn't able to commit much more than an hour a day whenever possible, resulting in spending a lot of time exploring an endless pool of guides out of fear of missing something out. I wasn't able to devote every spare moment to photographing every entity in Chapter 1 before they became permanently lost (one of the first boss fights included a photo), and that was a red flag for me. If I was a child with no commitments, this game would be the dream for me but sadly those days are gone.
The visuals are bright and vibrant, I enjoyed exploring the towns to recruit people and I was a big fan of the scope of the whole thing, however it's not without it's flaws. I found dungeons incredibly repetitive, and this was one of the things that put me off persevering through Dark Cloud 2. The battling left plenty to be desired, which isn't ideal when you're looking at about 30 dungeons per chapter.
I wish I could have stuck out longer with this game as it includes so many interesting components, for which I congratulate the designers. I just needed something a bit more streamlined.

Undeniably one of the most interactive games for the Ps2.
It's an action and rpg adventure mainly focused on crafting and building.
Fun. This game displays an enormous amount of activities. Most of them are not mandatory, however they can contribute to the main quest by giving useful bonuses.
Soundtrack. One word that comes to mind is balanced. No track felt exciting in any way. As a whole, the music seems designed around nostalgia. The game looks like is set in the past thanks to the soundtrack too. Violins and air instruments are used brillantly and set the mood in any part of the game.
Story. On the surface level, there is not much to say. It really looks like a generic rpg adventure. However, underneath the colourful blanket lies a story that tackles with very interesting themes such as memories and the meaning of daily life. What someone accomplishes in their life, meaningful or not, may end up in something great.
What a joy this was!

A slight upgrade from the first one but the characters are considerably less interesting. Photography game captured my interest since I liked Pokemon Snap.

This game and it's gameplay and story felt like a downgrade to me in many areas. Towns weren't as cool to make, pictures were annoying, recruiting wasn't great as well. The dungeons were fine, but too much downtime.

One of the most criminally underrated and underappreciated gaming gems of the 6th generation of video games. Level 5's magnum opus that deserved all the adulation and praise that Ni No Kuni received... if you look up the term: "pure fun", it should display a picture of this game.
There were so many different gameplay systems that were expanded and improved upon from the first game. And they didn't stop there! Introducing an incredible array of new, ambitious ideas and additions to the gameplay variety, such as: improved dungeon exploration, weapon upgrades - with a tighter focus with there being only 1 melee/1 range weapon for the 2 main characters: Max and Monica, Ridepod customization, monster collection, town-building (and jumping back and forth in time to see what your town becomes in the future), recruiting townspeople to move into the places you build, Spheda (golf mini-game), fishing, fish raising/racing, and the photography/invention mechanic.
This game constantly keeps things fresh by having no shortage of things to do. With the absolutely gorgeous and timeless cel-shaded graphics, it all comes together perfectly. Level-5 put their entire heart and soul into making this masterpiece.
I'll always look back on this game with great memories, whether it be playing it for hours by myself back in middle school, or introducing it to my cousin when he was younger and us passing the controller back and forth. The only thing that saddens me when thinking back to this game, is that we never were given a Dark Cloud 3... after 20+ long years, and 3 console generations, I would have loved to see this franchise continue to grow and evolve from here. Alas, we shall never see it happen.. :(

A mi parecer si es verdad que mejora muchos aspectos de su predecesor, pero se me hace a veces un poco pesado, sobretodo en los retos y los niveles normales.
Es muy bonito ver como según avanzas tu personaje va descubriendo cosas de su familia y de si mismo.