EA Sports FC 24

released on Sep 29, 2023

EA SPORTS FC 24 is the ultimate football simulation game that lets you play as your favourite stars and teams in the most authentic and immersive way possible. With EA SPORTS FC, you can experience the thrill of the world's biggest competitions, such as the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Women's Champions League, La Liga Santander, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Barclays Women's Super League, NWSL and many more. EA SPORTS FC 24 also features a new brand identity inspired by the triangles that have been part of EA SPORTS football for the past 30 years, from the isometric polygons that make up the game to the chemistry triangles that exist in Ultimate Team to the player indicator across every match. Join the Club and be part of a new Football Club for the future of football we want to build together.

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cutbacks, 4-2-3-1, finesse plus, packs :D

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EA Sports FC 24 is officially the successor to the FIFA series, and of course, we've thoroughly examined it. Can this well-known game with a new name bring something new? It's that time of the year again when football fans worldwide get their virtual kicks with the latest football game. Normally, it's a new FIFA, but this year, Electronic Arts is using a different name for the series. EA SPORTS FC 24 promises to be a game that takes us to a new level of football experience. With innovations in gameplay, graphical splendor, and an abundance of new features, it's time to discover if this game lives up to its promises.
The new and innovative way of playing football
In terms of gameplay, EA SPORTS FC 24 has added some exciting new features that elevate the game to a higher level. The evolution of the Hypermotion mechanic gives players even more control over their touch and ball control, making every movement more precise and responsive. Additionally, Player Traits have been refined in a new system called "PlayStyles+," a detailed system derived from real-world play. Some players are known for exceptional crossing abilities, while others excel in speed and agility.
These PlayStyles are represented under each player in the form of a colored medal, with a better color indicating better performance.
Another notable addition is the 'Dynamic Tactics' feature. This allows players to adjust their team's tactics during the game based on the situation on the field. Whether you're trying to maintain a lead or catch up from behind, this feature provides a new level of strategic depth.
Ultimate Team is back in action
An aspect that cannot go unnoticed in football games and, of course, Electronic Arts' main revenue stream. EA SPORTS FC 24 brings back Ultimate Team, where players can build their dream team with cards of different players. Unfortunately, it's crucial to note that microtransactions are still present. While it's possible to make progress without spending extra money, this may be a point of concern for some players.
Of course, this game mode is the most important for most enthusiasts. This year, there have been some changes, some welcome, and others raising questions. For instance, Position Modifier cards are gone, allowing players more flexibility in formations. Players can now be moved to other positions, and their card is instantly transformed into a card for that position.
Men and women playing together
This is mainly seen in the Ultimate Team mode but also in Clubs (the successor to the notorious Pro Clubs mode). Men and women can now play together on the same team, bringing a fun dynamic between players. You'll see some players on the field playing together who would never normally be in the same match, whether shoulder to shoulder or opposing each other.
However, mixing the two genders brings some odd game gimmicks. The average female character in EA SPORTS FC 24 is mainly of average height but has excellent stats everywhere. However, it's strange to see a smaller woman easily push a big guy like Erling Haaland off the ball with one shoulder shove and maintain possession.
Although this plays well in-game, allowing you to deploy a significant number of new players to break your opposition or create a more unique team, it breaks the realism and the fun of playing or obtaining a specific character.
Graphical Aspects
One of the first things that stands out in EA SPORTS FC 24 is the stunning graphical progress. Players look more realistic than ever before. The smallest details, from sweat beads on the forehead to grass stains on the knees, contribute to an almost photorealistic experience. The stadiums are also more impressive than ever, with an unprecedented attention to detail that reflects the atmosphere of a real football stadium.
For example, you can see that almost all menus have been revamped. Instead of a simple background, you now see players in action, commentators reporting on your match, or fans getting excited in the stands. This adds a bit more immersion to the game and makes it less bare than before.
EA Sports FC 24 is the successor to the FIFA series and promises to offer a refreshing football gaming experience. The game introduces exciting gameplay improvements, including the evolution of the Hypermotion mechanic for more precise ball control. The new "PlayStyles+" system refines Player Traits. The addition of 'Dynamic Tactics' provides more strategic depth, allowing players to adjust their team's tactics during the match. Ultimate Team makes a return, but microtransactions remain a point of concern. The ability for men and women to play together in teams adds an interesting dynamic, though it sometimes leads to peculiar situations. Graphically, EA Sports FC 24 is impressive, with detailed players and stadiums, and revamped menus for a more immersive experience.
It's not a new game, but rather an old acquaintance in a different guise. The FIFA name is gone, but it's clear to see and feel that it's a new version of the previous football game. It's unfortunate that there hasn't been much effort to make real changes. In my opinion, Electronic Arts should have seized this "reboot" with both hands and given the "new" series a good start by making significant changes to the game and breathing new life into the football genre.

Bad game as expected no suprises from EA, AGAIN