Extreme Paintbrawl

released on Oct 20, 1998

Advertised as "The 1st Non-Violent 3D Shooter", Extreme Paintbrawl is the first game in the first-person shooter genre to be based on the sport of paintball. It is cross-promotional with the Sheridan and Crosman brands of gear.

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the gameplay may be the equivalent of playing wolfenstein on an atari 7800 while entirely submerged in dogpiss, but hey! its got a stylin' funky metal soundtrack with animal noises. so who cares. shoutout todd duane

You can't even get the game to work, not even on a VM, that's cause the game relies on an absolute OS clusterfuck: the menus run on Windows but the game is MS-DOS.

When you do actually manage to run it, you are treated to a woefully outdated game (using the Build engine in 1998, the year of Half-Life, is like trying to release Pong to compete with modern open-world games) with braindead AI. The soundtrack is the only saving grace, and even then it's because it's laughable as hell.

i bought this. i actually bought this new in 1998. i don't know why i thought it would be good. i played it for maybe 5 minutes tops.

hate is overblown but for something whose jewelcase was on every circuit city shelf, it is so far behind the free TCs of its day

The Red Hot Chili Peppers of games.