FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play

released on Oct 03, 2008

A port of FIFA Soccer 09

FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play is the Wii version of FIFA 09 and part of EA's Wii-dedicated All Play franchise with 500 licensed teams. Specific content to the All-Play variant of FIFA is: Footii Mode that is played by two teams which count eight players each instead of 11, and have an appearance modelled on Wii's Miis (with a Mii representing Ronaldinho, Rooney and others for other licensed football stars, as teams captains: they can be used by the player once winning a match against their team); All-Play, an elementary control mode in which it is the CPU to move players on the field, while the unlearned player has merely to push buttons and perform gestures with the Wii Remote without dealing with the Nunchuk; Table football, no more no less than a table football game (with 13 characters for each team, unlike 11 as in the real table football) displayed by a top-down view, given extra frenzy by peculiar balls such as one becoming invisible after it is kicked, or a rocket-ball. Boot It, a simultaneous shooting frenzy that the player can take part in as one of the shooters shooter or the goalkeeper New from the previous instalments of the series on the Wii is the possibility to play with the GameCube Controller or Classic Controller for a more traditional gaming experience. The Manager mode features a Wii-specific interface.

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was an expert on that juggling game when i was a youngling