Final Fantasy VII

released on Aug 14, 2012

A port of Final Fantasy VII

In addition to graphical resolution improvements to the previous port, this re-release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII also featured cloud saving, as well as unlockable achievements and a Character Booster feature. The consoles versions of Final Fantasy VII are based on the PC re-release, some little graphical improvements were made.

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Final Fantasy VII's core strength is not in it's writing (though the character writing is very good), but in it's storytelling. The game isn't paced perfectly gameplay and set-piece wise (the middle-end drags on with the exploration aspect), but the way stories are integrated throughout the chapters makes up for it. Instead of static text scrolling, Final Fantasy opts for interactive cutscenes, blending pre-rendered CGI backgrounds breathtaking in their artistry, with the limited 3D models of the time. The fact that a game made 26 years ago with cartoon chibi characters managed to make me cry is an achievement of its own.
One of my favorite scenes in the game is actually one that is optional to the main story, where the backstory behind Cloud and Zack is revealed. Cloud's internal struggle with identity is relevant more than ever due to social media and celebrity culture, with people trying to walk in other people's shoes. Cloud learns to carry on Zack's legacy by being himself, which is the reason why Zack ever trusted him to carry it on in the first place. Playing Crisis Core while being in the middle of this game perhaps made this more of a standout character arc for myself.
The gameplay is solid and engaging, with a typical ATB battle system, and some clever boss mechanics as typical of any Final Fantasy game. The materia system separates it, and serves well as a compelling story and gameplay mechanic. Though in the late game, certain standout materia makes the others obsolete, throughout the game it is fun to explore their unique applications as new ones are found. Each boss fight is engaging and immersive due to the atmosphere and story beats built around them, as with other excellent JRPGs like Chrono Trigger. There are even hidden and optional areas where special loot or bosses may be found.
I could write about this for hours, but Final Fantasy represents an important power within us all to act sooner rather than later: as an environmental allegory, partly, but mostly on ourselves. Don't let the moment pass, and carry on those who supported you throughout your journey. Love, peace, freedom and strength. Alhamdulillah.

A good rpg. I didn't have the nostalgia to factor in, but I did enjoy it thoroughly.

i really like the story of this game
the gameplay though yahhhhhh...

While the gameplay has aged really poorly in a lot of places (most notably the minigames), I had an overall great experience. The story and characters are all great, and the combat is good enough to make playing through the game an enjoyable time in spite of its age.