Flat Affect

released on Jan 25, 2023

A young girl wishes she was a hotel room

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I really liked the "X days left" format of this bitsy poem!

It is best that you exp. this for yourself. I do not want to tarnish what has been said below me.

I recommend playing this one after both The Bombs Have Been Dropped, I am Listening to Steely Dan and Wearing Cheap Sunglasses (2022) and Dogs Can Speak English (2022). It works most effectively in context of those other 2 games at the very least in terms of appreciate the form. I think this one is actually inextricable from being viewed in a trilogy.
All three are basically simple bitsy textpoems and you can finish all 3 of them within an hour. I view this game as a minimalist capstone of the other 2. All are 'opt in' in comparison to her other work, The Bombs Have Been Dropped... is especially good. However you should be able to tell when if ever you're in the right mood for this. If I've learned one thing during my time of being on here, it's that people really hate reading in games but love criticizing more 'private' works in spite of that :<
I would say more than that, but I love this girl and her work so hard at this point that anything I would say actually runs the risk of openly editorializing from here on out. I make out with this girl too much to do reasonable structural analysis to the public of her stuff. Not to mention the analysis I might bring is more authorial context than even GoufyGoggs' wants out there. I've had a lot of fun doing it but now it would feel like being asked to do surgery on your own loved one where you could do it but the anxiety of messing up even a little might make it inconceivable, might as well do surgery on yourself at that point. So at least as far as my sweetheart is concerned this is where I step off the ride and take it somewhere private.
"Isn't this all a little self absorbed of you". Yes absolutely it is, I could have just kept my mouth shut here, but what difference does that really make yall? Sometimes I worry people dont realize that what they are on here is basically a social media site for games. You can achieve quite a lot of useful thinking and wonderful exchanges of thought through that, social media is not particularly constrained. Yet look, let's not kid ourselves here, there's no way not to speak on a social media platform without being self absorbed. We can be mature and use as many footnotes as we want but this place does not exist for the sake of finding 'the best review' or there wouldn't be a comment box for reviews here. No, in an ideal sense, it exists literally for us to talk to each other and feel a little better about our day while also being a game database. Like seriously if this place wasnt a social media site it would be structured more like RateYourMusic or MyAnimeList with no comments, or like Letterboxd with no notifications. I assume most people dont need that reminder, but I just urge readers to be less judgemental overall while also realizing that what you express does have a tangible effect. You are not as detached as you think you are. That's actually important for appreciating what this 'trilogy' of games is has to offer, however it's also just useful for quite seriously being able to enjoy a substantial minority of games included in the database of this platform. You generally need a more personal approach to enjoy this, most bitsy games, most twine games, etc. There's so much good art out there if one dares to be a little less stuffy. For those who use this place to vent, extricate yourself of your guilt. Venting is maybe one of the only good things left about the human system, I love that.

Wrote this one in a single sitting, not really sure if I like it or not but it was definitely a necessary sort of thing for me. If nothing else I'm glad I'm at a point where I can release something without overthinking it too much.