Forza Horizon 5

released on Nov 09, 2021

Your Ultimate Horizon Adventure awaits! Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving open-world landscapes of Mexico with limitless, fun driving action in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.

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they really decided to release horizon 4 with a new coat of paint, release horizon 4 cars as "new content" and for the last kick in the nuts, the first dlc is ALSO old content with nothing new.
the AI are glorified time trial ghosts, the community is terrible and the devs are even worse, blatantly jumping to fix anything that might make them less of a buck but waiting months to fix gamebreaking bugs.
The music is the same since launch with 0 additions, there is no option to play your own music and the playlists are honestly terrible.
You could not complete festivals until 3 months after launch because online players did not appear and the target points were not scaled properly to the people playing. But they fixed super spinwheels in 2 days.
The online experience is not as bad as at launch but still pretty poor, the removal of ranked mode ensures this game has very little competitive incentive. I will not be supporting Playground Games in the future.

First time I played Forza and it was really enjoying.

As a huge fan of the previous Forza Horizon games, sadly Horizon 5 didn't quite capture me like the games that came before it. It feels too similar to Horizon 4, and the setting in Mexico just wasn't as interesting. Maybe I've just been fatigued with the series as of late.

É um jogo muito divertido, ele tem gráficos muito bons, a trilha sonora é muito boa, os carros tem uma gameplay dinâmica, é um jogo muito divertido.

Slightly worse than four, but still fun.

Le pongo esa nota, a lo mejor no porque me haya gustado tanto, sino porque para los juegos de broom broom me parece lo mejor que se puede hacer. Lo más completo, lo más bonito, lo más todo