Friday the 13th: The Game

released on May 25, 2017

Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person horror, survival game where players take on the role of a teen counselor, or for the first time ever, Jason Voorhees. You and six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known killer in the world tracks you down and brutally slaughters you.

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One of the best worst games I’ve ever played.
Friday the 13th: The game was an absolute banger for what it was. F13 was an A symmetrical survival horror game that probably could have given Dead by Daylight a run for its money if it was handled better. There is so much to talk about on what went wrong with F13 and where it succeeded so ill try my best to break it down.
Like most Asymmetrical horror games, you can play as either the camp counselors (survivors) or one of the many different movie Jason’s as the killer (The hocky team). As Jason your objective is to simply kill everyone with the kit that Jason has or using your environment while the Survivors can either escape by called the cops, using cars, a boat, waiting for the time limit or for even more hardcore survivors killing Jason which involves some not super easy to do steps that you only have one shot at. Unlike Dead by Daylight there is a lot of replay ability here with escaping since you don’t have just one objective to do. For a while this game even had grieving where you could go rogue and kill your friends but of course they removed this not too far after release (as you can imagine) and only people using cars can do that now. The key to not getting bored on this game is playing with friends, which gave me, and my friends group hours and hours of hilarious gameplay filled with funny and not so funny glitches. Glitches are a huge staple in this game with pretty much every segment of this game being riddled with them and at first before dedicated servers were a thing this game was almost not playable as at launch it released still in an alpha phase update that made us not want to play it for very long but when the connection issues stabilized a few months in most of the glitching was just purely entertainment. This game had graphic glitches where Jason would morph into 2 Jason’s, counselors would rage quit mid death and their bodies would spaz out, items would blow up to huge goofy sizes, characters would die but not die and sometimes Jason would have way more kills then counselors by the end of the game, there was even a funny car glitch where if Jason threw throwing knifes at the windshield the car would flip off into the sky and counselors would land on roofs of buildings. There were interaction glitches where people’s bodies would get stuck on objects and float around, but my favorite was the ability to dance emote as you were exiting and dance out of the map, they should have just made that last one an actual mechanic but eventually it got taken out of the game sadly. As funny as these glitches might sound a lot of them weren’t fun with games crashing, lagging, objectives not working, Jason not being stunnable, counselors not being killable and a whole load of frustrating ones that took way too long to get fixed. Speaking of gameplay, it’s safe to say certain counselors and Jason’s were just flat out overpowered compared to others and at this point the key to winning against any Jason is to just group up, get weapons and bully him till he leaves the game (toxic as hell). We would see this kinda stuff all the time or the ladder where Jasons would just have a buddy help them kill all the other survivors and then let their friends escape, I would not only see this super often but get accused of it for winning even when I was playing alone and killed everyone (super annoying player base). The core gameplay was fun when it worked but considering it was just one game it does get repetitive after a while. Graphically this game looked fairly decent with cool gory kills from Jason and like photo accurate character models and environments from the movies. The DLC road map took way too long to come out with the addition of emotes, costumes (and A fire Jason you’d get from helping kick starting the game.) We did eventually see new maps, counselors and Jason’s release but not enough of them and not fast enough to really make a difference. The long-term grief mode DLC was cancelled and the Jason X DLC pack was cancelled over some half winded excuse over a lawsuit with the rights to the IP that went on for years but even if that wasn’t going on the small indie studio (Gun media) that made this game felt overwhelmed and made it clear they just want to drop this title and move on. They did also add 2 small single player modes, an easter egg hunt mode in a first-person, virtual cabin storyline that showcases stuff on the game’s development and a single player challenges mode that lets you play as Jason and play scenes from the movies with special kill objectives, unfortunately this mode was also filled with glitches which made playing it more frustrating than fun. In this games’ current state, it is still playable, but the dedicated servers are gone and the last few times I tried to play it I couldn’t get in a stable match, so I’d say unfortunately this is somewhat of a dead game. It was fun and at its height a hilarious experience with friends but at its low a glitchy almost unplayable mess. This was probably one of the last games my original group of friends from high school all played together before we all grew up and went our separate ways so this game holds a special place in my heart as the last of the “good old days” as at the time we were already adults in college and would play every weekend when we could, I miss those days.
ANYWAYS 5.5/10

A crying shame, this had everything going for it and then it all went away

Lembro quando esse jogo saiu, queria muito jogar ele, mas eu n tinha condições de jogar. Hoje eu finalmente consegui, mas infelizmente parece que o jogo está. Demorou quase 30 minutos pra encontrar uma partida. Fiquei triste, mas pelo menos me diverti um pouco

W i love screwing my friends over in this

This game was Dead by Daylight but for people who didn't want to get yelled at for playing the game a certain way.
A lot of attention to detail taken from the films, which I appreciate as a big Jason fan.

Podia ir muito além... que pena.