Furcadia is a fantasy world of magic and creation, alive with adorable animals and mythical creatures. Choose your favorite customizable avatar and start exploring this friendly, user-empowering Online Social Game (MMOSG) with rich player-driven content. Use the free, simple yet powerful tools to build literally anything you can dream up! Whether you enjoy Socializing with friends, Exploring, Creating, or Roleplaying, we invite you to an interactive experience unlike any other.

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I haven't played in years now, but have very fond memories of hanging out with my friends on here. I know it's not near as populated as it once was though.

Really neat concept with regard to the ability to make your own assets and upload them for other people to see & I met some of my longest known friends on this game.

Unfortunately, it's fallen very much behind on the times and relies almost entirely on income from a constant slew of new avatars to stay afloat. This has caused no small amount of bitterness in the remaining community which makes it difficult to advertise the game to new players. Additionally, all of the parental protection features built into the game are pretty easy to work around and there isn't really anything that'll truly protect a minor from encountering someone unsavory.

The people in charge don't advertise it hardly at all and most of the promised updates from their Kickstarter 10+ years ago haven't been implemented. There are updates here and there that give the diminishing playerbase some semblance of hope for a better tomorrow, but really the game just needs to be bought out by a dedicated fan who can do it the justice it deserves.

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Pleasant little social game that never really escaped its MUD roots and pixelated GUI. Its focus on text chat and imagined interactions makes it feel almost unrelated to later hits in the genre like Second Life and VR Chat. The choice to lock most of the character creation behind micro-transactions leaves roleplaying and editing maps as the sole attractions for free players. The editing tools are fun, and I've enjoyed creating little levels for sharing with others, but is that enough? My favorite thing to do is explore the interconnected player levels, but knowing that the locations were once populated with invested players makes the whole game feel sad.

I learned how to code as a kid because of this game.

Definitely no place for a kid 5/5.

basically a graphical chat client with maps you can create and explore, but idk i really liked it during the mid-00s

really needs a revival though, i'm not sure the second dreaming was enough :(

likely something cooked up in an overfunded department of a 3 letter agency to create blackmail dossiers on would-be deviants. you fell for the line it was an innocent graphical mud?