Garten of Banban

released on Jan 06, 2023

Enter Banban's Kindergarten, and you're sure to make some friends. Explore the mysterious establishment and don't lose your life and sanity. Uncover the horrifying truth behind the place, but be careful, as you are far from alone…

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Jumbo Josh BRAH! From hit indie horror game garten of banban BRAH!

Quick cashgrab made to appeal to indie horror youtubers and make kids steal their parent's wallets
Even $0 is too much for this game

Decent graphics and interesting critter design is unfortunately not enough to save Garten of Banban from the limitations of poor design that undercut everything it tries to do, every step of the way. If it isn't running into invisible walls during dire chases, it's struggling to get the drone to land properly in the hitbox of the buttons.