Guardian Heroes

released on Jan 26, 1996

Guardian Heroes is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up video game with RPG elements.

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On the surface it was a standard for the time side scrolling beat-em-up. However, the branching storylines, multiple characters, RPG elements, and secrets made this game very special to me. One of those games that’s much, much better than it had to be.

whenever this game gets a new release, I pray it gets 4 player in story mode.

is it odd for me to say this is probably treasure's most complete, uncompromised work? if so i'll just stick with saying it's my favorite.
tonight the love of my life proposed to me. we're engaged now. i got to play this game in her arms. i played as nicole and she was serena. it really felt like a perfect way to mark the occasion. i love her so much.

só terminei pq sabia que nao demoraria muito, mas tambem isso só piorou, pois o jogo é tao repetitivo que ele parece que tem 10h a mais do que vc imagina...
é uma pena, eu ouvi muita gente elogiando o game, tinha criado um certo hype pra joga-lo, acho que acabei esperando demais :(

Guardian Heroes é o meu primeiro jogo finalizado em 2023, zerei ele via steam deck. Fiz 2 finais diferentes com 2 personagens distintos, achei o jogo divertido porém chegou uma hora que ja não me prendia tanto por ser muito repetitivo mesmo tendo caminhos diferentes para você seguir, achei bem interessante a história e os personagens bem carismáticos. Não jogaria de novo (pelo menos por um tempo) mas com certeza vale a experiência

I've heard a lot of great things about Guardian Heroes over the years, but I think this might just be my least favorite Treasure game.
One part beat-em-up, one part action-RPG, Guardian Heroes is definitely interesting in concept. You select from one of four characters with different stat builds and proficiencies before being set loose in a fantasy world on the brink of war by two feuding clans of spirits. How you progress through the game and what ending you ultimately get depends on several dialog prompts throughout the game, and in a way it's quite similar to Shadow the Hedgehog, giving it some replayability.
Treasure, as usual, knocks it out of the park with presentation. Animations are smooth, characters are suitably cartoonish, environments are colorful, and the soundtrack is full of bangers. There is a bit too much reuse of enemy sprites, with most being recolors of the same basic soldiers and orcs, but Guardian Heroes has so much of that Treasure charm that it's easy to give it a pass.
Less forgivable is the difficulty balancing, however. My initial playthrough got me about 80% through the game, and rather than sit there and slog through all of that a second time I decided to max out my character's stats, easy thanks to my Saturn's hacked Action Replay. But even with Han at his absolute zenith and the game set on easy, enemies are still spongy and more than capable of locking you in a juggle from which there's little hope of escape other than dumb luck. Two bosses in particular just fly around and spit magic everywhere, making them a nightmare to even approach let alone damage, and I'm just not sure how to beat them without cheating. By the end of the game, basic enemies will block through all of your attacks, and when you do manage to hit them they still have more than enough health to shoulder several combos. Magic appears to be a counterbalance to this, but it deals such pitiful damage that it only becomes useful when you can buy half a screen of space to spam it relentlessly.
As I finished the game a blue screen popped up, warning me about the dangers of pirating this game. It's not unlike the dozens of fake copyright warning videos people seem to love making for retro games. Guardian Heroes is intended for personal use, and it is a crime to sell, reproduce, or even rent the game. As I turned off my Sega Saturn and pulled out the CD-R I burned Guardian Heroes to, I thought "Perhaps... but not today."