Heaven Will Be Mine

released on Jul 25, 2018

Heaven Will Be Mine is a queer science fiction mecha visual novel from the creators of queer cult horror visual novel We Know The Devil, about joyriding mecha, kissing your enemies, and fighting gravity’s pull. Follow three women piloting giant robots in the last days of an alternate 1980s space program fighting for humanity’s future—or ditching their jobs to make out with each other instead.

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Really good story about a multitude of different things, but ultimately I think the main purpose comes down to deciding who you want to be and how you want to it. Spoke a lot to me on various different levels and I adored the main cast in this. Really happy with how the endings were and the overall presentation was great. Definitely give this a read


I respect women like Halimede. Women with courage.

It's good but my ex gf gifted it to me and it makes me wanna slit my wrists every time I see it in my steam library :(


i have absolutely nothing intelligent to say about this game. that's not a mark against it, that just means i have gone so insane about the characters that i already changed my discord profile pic to luna-terra. it's got mechs and lesbians and GRAVITY and politics and a whole lot of very abstract flavor text that took some getting used to. but once you're vibing with it, it captures your soul in the tidal forces and pulls you into a crushing embrace. cannot recommend enough.

This VN bombarded me with information and it left me very, very confused. Some people hate when a story is confusing. I do not. I adore chaos. I adore the surreal. Because when you don't know what's going on, all you can do is follow your heart. And then the results of your actions teach you a little about who you are and what's important to you. A long time ago, I played Fallout New Vegas for the first time. I was a dumb kid. I decided that, for whatever reason, Mr. House was the rational decision. But then, he revealed that the next step in his plans was the destruction of the Brotherhood of Steel. You see, I had met Veronica a very long time ago. I adored her. She was my one true friend in the Mojave. When I was given that quest, something in my mind snapped. I killed Mr. House and decided I would end this game on my own terms, not anyone elses. I kicked the Legion off the Hoover Dam and then I ordered General Oliver to a watery grave. I chose an Independent Vegas. But then I saw the ending slides and I felt... guilt. I regretted my choice. I looked inward and decided I was arrogant and greedy. I thought I knew what was best when I was just some kid. I've wished I chose the NCR ending for years. I don't wish that now. I look back on that original New Vegas playthrough and understand that the thing that cracked in my mind wasn't arrogance, but the last straw. I couldn't be obedient anymore. I couldn't stop myself from being me just because I didn't know what was going on. I followed my heart. That's all Jupiter wants too. To follow her heart, to be herself, to live however she wants. Rules and expectations be damned. I wanna live that way too. I want to let my greed and arrogance run wild. Heaven will be mine.

I got enough low-key anxiety from the gameplay loop that I ended up dropping it, but great writing and art style regardless.