Honkai Impact 3rd

released on Oct 14, 2016

Honkai Impact 3 follows Kiana and her team of Valkyries as they defend the world from Honkai, the “mysterious power responsible for destroying human civilization countless times.” You’ll captain the warship Hyperion as you journey across the globe, leading the girls against these otherworldly creatures wherever they appear. There are multiple storylines tying it all together, with veteran voice actresses Rie Kugimiya, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kana Asumi, and Yui Horie breathing life into the Valkyries. These specialists range from keen-eyed sharpshooters to nimble warriors and even hard-hitting mecha-type lolitas.

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Honkai Impact 3rd es una experiencia.
A nivel Jugable puede no ser la gran cosa, no falla, pero tampoco es algo que te marque, pero cuando ya se trata su nivel Narrativo esta a un nivel que no he visto en ningún otro juego.
Kiana Kaslana es la mejor protagonista que he visto en la historia, Otto Apocalypse es increíble como villano, Kevin Kaslana, los Flamechasers, el propio universo que crearon, de verdad, como juego no será lo mejor, pero en narrativa es de mis cosas favoritas de todas las que he visto

The game's start is beyond turbulent, not only are the first few chapters fairly weak, before you even get to them you have to first read a plethora of side manga and 1 VN (although all of these are fairly short).
However by the time you get to Second Eruption things start getting into a proper order, chapters start feeling like actual meaningful events instead of the more vapid and short nature of the earlier ones and characters start getting proper developments eventually culminating into some really powerful arcs. After watching the documentary the reason for this becomes perfectly clear as it lines up with when they decided they wanted to ramp up their storytelling and try to convey something proper.
Do be warned though they will throw A LOT of pseudoscience later on and while I'm not one that usually minds this too much, it ended up kind of making me roll my eyes a bit and distanced me from the narrative at times, but in the end the game always managed to pull through when it counted thanks to its strong emotional core.
As a gacha game it obviously comes bundled with a whole bunch of problems, the actual gacha machine in this one for once is ESPECIALLY cruel, abysmal rates and needing to roll not only for weapons but also for stigmata, however, after second eruption (again) the story chapters give you their own fully equipped units meaning you baaarely have to use your own outside of Ely Realm way later into the story.
The fact Kiana is an actual main character with proper developments, struggles and dynamics with others does WONDERS to raise my opinion of this compared to other gacha games, and on top of this, Honkai also bypasses another problem the genre has for me, where the barebones presentation can seriously butcher important moments, by having properly animated cutscenes at the end/climax of most chapters. Thus Spoke Apocalypse (😭) , Because of You and Everlasting Flames are easily some of the most memorable moments in the whole series.
The gameplay quality can vary quite a lot depending on which suit you are using, Bronya's earlier ones are uhhh... otherwise just use a controller if you are playing on pc and it should be fun enough as long as you don't expect anything too overly complex, the different minigames they throw at you every so often can be sort of annoying at first but I eventually grew into finding them more cute than anything, it's not like they are very hard or take too long and look they straight up had to make up a Drakengard-ish dragon riding minigame that gets used in 1 mission in chapter 17 and that's it, no other uses. It's so extra for no reason, I love it.
I still have to do part 1.5 and I don't know if I'll be playing part 2 because it doesn't seem like the sort of thing I'd enjoy all that much but I do not regret the 200(!)+ hrs and the whole month I ended up spending on this game. Great ride.

Cool graphics, cute characters, and an awesome story to go with it. My phone couldn't run the game very well though, and the PC version took ages to load in for me, so I couldn't play it any more.

ive been playing honkai for upwards of two years and really have a soft spot for it so i could be biased but god i love this game. i really enjoyed the main story arc, the main cast is developed so well, and the music and animated shorts go so hard

A gameplay de honkai impact é mediana e com muitos defeitos (contém muitos bugs que obrigam o player a reiniciar uma missão).
Como todo jogo "gacha" ele utiliza um sistema que obriga o player ficar horas e horas farmando e gastando a sua sanidade mental em rodar e tentar pegar a sua waifu, por isso não recomendo a ninguém que jogue esse jogo so pela história.
O que posso recomendar em relação a honkai impact 3rd é achar videos relacionados a história do game, porque a única coisa que tem potencial neste jogo é a história que é a mais complexa e incrivel, comparando com o genshin impact.