Icey is a 2D side-scrolling action game and a meta game in disguise. As you follow the narrator's omnipresent voice, you will see through Icey's eyes and learn the truth about her world. The narrator will constantly urge you in one direction, but you must ask, "Why? Why am I following his directions?“ Obey? Rebel?

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Not very interesting. I got this game with a console bundle.

It feels in a way like a mix of a 2d Metal gear rising and The stanley parable with the best aerial combat I've seen in a 2d Action game. The commentary can be hilarious as I laughed out loud multiple times while also managing to fill me with a deep existential dread. Highly recommended

Stanley parabel if stanley was an anime girl... and the narrator less funny

No está tan mal, yo creo que sois un poco faltones porque os falta propósito

It wants to be a Vanillaware action game, but at the same time it REALLY wants to be the Stanley Parable and it works to neither side when it slips into "comedy tangents" which are never funny and come off more as "the writer's lengthy unskippable delusions of wit".

the meta elements are intriguing and fun (even if the likes of The Stanley Parable and NieR Automata did it better), and the combat is initially enjoyable, but the shallowness and repetition set in pretty fast (not helped by a lack of enemy variety), and the checkpointing is pretty dire; even on Easy, the difficulty eventually spikes to a point where it just isn't worth bothering.