An action-adventure game in which a boy is abandoned and taken to a massive castle by his people. After exploring it for a while, he meets a girl who speaks a different language than him, then decides to get both of them out of the castle grounds by leading her along, in order to escape the shadow-like creatures that frequently try to kidnap the girl.

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I love how this game feels. It's so quiet and melancholic, and it's easy to see where FromSoftware's Miyazaki found inspiration for his Souls series. The simple premise of escorting a young princess out of captivity in rebellion of a dark queen also works for me.
However, the combat is just absolutely no fun. Each enemy takes so many hits to kill that it becomes two to three minutes of intense square-mashing whenever large groups attack. The fail state of this game doesn't trigger by taking too much damage, but rather by allowing the enemies to snatch the princess and take her away from you. Sometimes this led to fights that lasted WAY longer than they should have, a constant tug-of-war for the princess that some may find intense, but I found rather dull.
I appreciate this game a lot, but I'm not sure if I'd try it again because it just wasn't very fun for me. I'll just sit back and admire the European release's box art.

Caught myself talking to Yorda at a save point while thinking about what we were going to do next.

I always thought the boy was wearing a viking hat

meu jogo favorito de todos os tempos

"I get it now" -Danny Devito
Now this might sound kinda crazy but i actually tried Shadow Of The Colossus first and didnt really like it at all, i was constantly confused and lost and thought climbing felt like shit, never even found anything to fight.
Years later I actually got to play ICO and I think I shouldve had this as my first impression of the kind of games this developer makes... I really liked ICO
The bloom lighting gives this game an ethereal type of effect, everything about the characters i feel is represented well in the gameplay, in even the boy's swordplay skills sort of getting Better and Better as you fight through these creatures trying to seize Yorda's power
I think that for being based around a whole kingdom in one location, there is a lot of nice variety for a puzzle platformer going on here. You got your standard faire of switches and pulleys and shit yea yea yea but you also got bomb stuff and pressure plate things, there'll be times when you need to make a figurative and literal leap of fate
I also think the soundtrack in this game, while not something that has me banging my fuckin head amped or feeling sadness wash over me, i think is incredibly fitting. I think ICO's atmospheric music and the mystifying sounds that accompany it with the basic tinkering of machinery throughout the castle and the wind that blows strong really add to your immersion
so why exactly is the little cozy happy doodlefart song that plays when you sit and save on the couch my favorite song in the game LMFAOFNRJSKWGNKJHHJNE
I think this is absolutely an impressive game on all fronts, the story is more organically unfolded as you play more of it while also still conveying some details through brief moments of dialogue here and there.
final thoughts: it's unfortune to say that I actually didnt get to beat the final boss in this game because my save had been corrupted while moving files on the computer i was playing it on. This happened to me a couple years ago with Cubivore and it happened again with this :/ but the fact tht im speaking so highly of how nice of an experience it was from the start to the unfortunate finish i reached, should speak volumes
It's a relatively short game too, in the grand scheme of things if u know what youre doing and youre good at puzzles you could probably beat it in like 2 or 3 hours
so yea
Ill be playing shadow of the colossus later this year most likely since ICO softened me up with having more direct objectives, controls, etc