An action-adventure game in which a boy is abandoned and taken to a massive castle by his people. After exploring it for a while, he meets a girl who speaks a different language than him, then decides to get both of them out of the castle grounds by leading her along, in order to escape the shadow-like creatures that frequently try to kidnap the girl.

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White, really white people escaping black, really black people and hitting them with sticks.
This game is a social critique.

Don't take me serious.

I really loved this game but my disc would always crash at a certain spot so I never got to finish it, sad!

I really tried, but I just could not get into it. The atmosphere is interesting, but I don't think I enjoy a single other aspect of this game. The movement is annoying. The puzzles are archaic, and don't feel satisfying. The combat is annoying. The platforming and save system has me repeating so many sections. The game also looks really old. Sad, because I wanted to get into it.