Juicy Realm

released on May 03, 2018

Juicy Realm is a roguelike game in which players must square off against bizarre fruits all across the world. The line between the animal and the plant world has become blurred, and the food chain has been completely disrupted. Humans, upon making this incredible discovery, have set up outposts along the border of the aggressive plants' habitat for investigations, defense, and in preparation for what may come. You take the role of a soldier on the front lines charged with confronting this strange new enemy.

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The runs are quick, a simple game. The game kinda gets boring at first, but if you get through some runs, you'll probably enjoy it. It's just the game is pretty repetitive. I mean it's a roguelike game, what else am I expecting? I'm thinking maybe the artstyle is the one that didn't made me enjoy. Not really making me want to continue for whatever reason and that's why it makes me wanna just quit after doing a couple of runs because it looks boring¿ I mean, it's fine I guess.


I didn't have high expectations for this game going in, but after a couple of runs, those expectations were both surpassed and properly met.

The runs are short and quite easy, but they're action-packed and pretty hectic which helps keep you glued to the game.

The art style is unique and makes this game stand out from other roguelike games, but it also sacrifices the player's ability to make a distinction between the characters and the background. Too many times do I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of graphics on the screen. There's no contrast, so the colors of the characters, projectiles, and background all blend together.