Little Goody Two Shoes

released on Oct 31, 2023

Little Goody Two Shoes is an tactical narrative RPG that tells the story of Elise, an ambitious girl stuck in a village too small for her big dreams. In this village of Kieferberg you’ll have to work toward your main goal - hiding an innocent witch from the merciless villagers. Lies, deception, strategic choices and treachery! In this bizarre fairy tale all choices matter in order to protect your reputation and get what you truly desire. All means justify the end, or do they?

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I'm in love with this game. Absolutely enchanting.

Elephant in the room, this game is gorgeous. I can easily say it's the prettiest game I've ever played. I was taking screenshots constantly of anything and everything. Gorgeous 90s anime aesthetic, and I love how it communicates that this is a prequel to Pocket Mirror which has a more modern style. Also gotta throw in some love for its soundtrack!

Even beyond its aesthetic, Little Goody Two Shoes has a lot going for it. The characters were all easy to get attached to. Elise is such a fun protagonist; she's rude and selfish, but her kindness and ambition make it easy to love her despite her flaws. The three romance options are all interesting and I do expect to replay this sometime, but I gunned for Rozenmarine in this playthrough and didn't learn much about Lebkuchen and Freya. I loved Elise's bond with Rozenmarine, and the explicit queerness was so refreshing.

I can see the gameplay not working for some, but for me it hooked me in. Love the time management aspect and gamifying chores by making them minigames was a nice change of pace. The puzzle segments are what you'd expect from the "RPGMaker haunted house" genre. As a fan of that genre, I love that! It's janky, so expect to die a lot. For me, that was a huge source of the game's charm. Other than a specific segment in the snake dungeon, I had a lot of fun with the puzzles and didn't find it too frustrating.

Everything here worked really well for me! Gorgeous aesthetics that make it stand out and plenty of charm to keep me engaged throughout. Little Goody Two Shoes is one of those games that nothing will be able to match.

- I enjoyed the aesthetics, story and characters.
- Some of the puzzles made me wanna rip my hair out.
- I had to backtrack to get all the endings but it was pretty worth it in the end.

This review contains spoilers

Ending No. 10 - Motherly Cocoon
Mostly all endings is catastrophic/but you care about this story, so well done!
Pocket Mirror universe, i'm going into u

Elise, you have GOT to get your gay witch girlfriend a job or she's gonna start doing alchemy in front of the normies. We can't have that kind of rowdyness around here.

I think it's cool to mix and match so many artstyles. Grimm fairytales, madoka witches, Rozen Maiden, analog horror and arcade cabinets all executed very well. Sometimes it becomes a bit much though. I think the same goes for the RPGMaker-esque gameplay. It's very cool and interesting but occasionally it just feels a bit like they either threw the game in a blender or they wanted me throw the game in a blender if I have to reload one more time on this stupid fucking retarded darkness puzzle what the fuck am I supposed to do here I can't see anything for fuck sake ass bullsh--

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