Luigi's Mansion

released on Sep 14, 2001

Luigi steps out from the shadow of his brother Mario and into the gloomy shadows of a very haunted house in this, his first-ever starring role. When Luigi learns that he's the proud new owner of a creepy old mansion, he's thrilled. Of course, his feelings immediately shift when his brother, the storied Mario, disappears from the house. Now, you'll have to help Luigi track his brother down, making your way through expansive 3D levels. Each stage is packed with ghosts and ghouls to put you on edge; and you'll be armed with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner to help you capture your foes. Armed with a flashlight and a customized vacuum cleaner, Luigi must rid the mansion of Boos and ghouls -- and find his missing brother to boot!

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Esse jogo é muito bom.
Ele tem uma gameplay bem gostosinha e satisfatória com um ótimo fator replay. É bem curtinho, mas mt bom.
Se vc gosta de jogos relaxantes e de exploração, esse jogo é pra vc.

My status:
(Total: 112,850,000 G, Mansion Rank: A, 50/50 Boos, 23/23 Ghosts, September 24, 2016)

It has the perfect atmosphere as well as a great gameplay loop. It's short, but just right to speedrun.

Parts of this game made me really sad for some reason as a kid and I don't quite remember why

Luigi's debut on the gamecube was a weird one but a great introduction to what the gamecube could do.
I remember first time playing the game and being blown away by the graphical improvement over the N64. With how the flash light lit up the dark hallways, it really gave the game a spooky atmosphere.
Luigis Mansion really sells you on the mansion itself. It is such a well designed environment that could probably be mapped out from memory if I tried hard enough. It really makes you attached to it, giving that sense of place.
The game is definitely on the shorter side, which definitely sucked back then. Though in recent years that's kind of why I like to play it so much. I can easily play this during halloween and be down with it the same day. A great game for the holidays.

Very cute! The tension that enemy ghosts give as you suck them in is very satisfying.
Dated controls, a bit too short. The power ups weren't very impactful, and the progression was more-or-less exactly tied to finding keys. I also wish Luigi's fear played up more than just his expressions -- maybe if he sprinted out of control at moments or had more cutscenes to emphasize it? (The humming he does is fantastic though!)