Mario Party 8

released on May 29, 2007

Mario Party 8 is the eighth installment of the Mario Party series on a home console and the first Mario Party game for the Wii. Mario Party 8 is notable for its strong use of the Wii Remote and its motion control capabilities in minigames. Players are required to perform various gestures instead of traditional button/joystick controls. Common motions include pointing-and-shooting, shaking, waving, turning, and twisting the Wii Remote. Player-created Miis are featured in this game, wherein they often show up within crowds. Miis can appear in certain minigames and may also serve as the player's character in Extra Mode. By playing regular party games, minigames, and completing the Star Battle Arena mode, players will earn Carnival Cards, which may be spent to unlock figures and game features.

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when i was in third grade a boy who liked me straight up gave me his copy of this because i expressed interest in it so now i'm obligated to like it bc i feel bad about it. I'm sorry dude. Thank u for the game though

This review contains spoilers

Jerk your wiimote like it's gonna cum diamonds and win that soda mini game. Bad maps and motion gimmick games make this one inferior to GC Mario Party

The final hudson-developed mario party, and it's a very solid way to go out. Basically mario party 7 but no 8-player, no mic, and all wagglin. This game is famous for the hotel board but really most of the boards this game go pretty hard. If you don't like wagglin, stick to a gamecube mario party. If you can handle wagglin, this is just as good as those games and shouldn't be overlooked for your multiplayer game nights.

Well, this took me way longer than it needed to. A few months ago, I figured just for the hell of it, I'd revisit this game since I hadn't played it in a good while, and give it an extensive look. Long story short, this game kinda disappointed me and is definitely not one of my favourite Mario Party games anymore. This is gonna be a bit of a longer review than I usually do.
- The boards are pretty good in this one, even if they give off vibes of previous games' boards. For example, Goomba's Booty Boardwalk is just a simpler version of Pegoda Peak from 7. Koopa's Tycoon Town is similar to Windmillville from that game. Bowser's Warped Orbit plays like Pyramid Park from 7, and even Snowflake Lake from 6. They're fine overall though. I particularly like King Boo's Haunted Hideaway and Shy Guy's Perplex Express. They just tend to repeat board formulas from before, but I guess I don't mind as much since they're still kinda fun.
- The soundtrack is very good. It's not just my nostalgia talking. There's a lot of music in this game that I find very catchy and might even listen to outside of the game.
- Some of the minigames are really enjoyable, even if the bulk is mostly average to just plain bad for me.
-A shocking amount of minigames don't stick out as that great to me. At the end of my revisit, I played through every minigame again and ranked them. Around half of them are what I would consider good or great. The other half ranges from being just okay to being some of the worst minigames I've ever played in a Mario Party game. Since the boards and minigames each make up half the fun in this game, it's disappointing that only half of them are exceptionally enjoyable.
-The motion controls don't age well. In some minigames, it works fine, but some are outright ruined for me because of how badly the motion controls have aged.
-The story mode, while I didn't expect much from it, felt weirdly harder on the second playthrough. Speaking of the second playthrough, was it even necessary to force me to play Star Battle twice just to unlock both Blooper and Hammer Bro?
-Also, the final minigame at the end let me continue from where I died once, so that's a strange decision.
-The extra minigames suck. Again, the controls ruined most of them for me.
While I'm pretty nostalgic for this game, it definitely doesn't hold up as much as I wanted it to. It's not outright bad, but I'd rather play other Mario Party's instead now.

I played this with my friends IRL and had a genuine episode of delusion.