released on Dec 08, 2016

Since the dawn of ever, warriors have banded together to fight evil. Now… Mii characters based on your favorite people must unite to do turn-based battle and save Miitopia! Cast them in roles across the kingdom, manage friendships, and give them jobs with distinct stats, abilities, gear, and a custom look. Then behold as awesomeness unfolds! Guide your team of Mii characters on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia. As you watch with bated breath, Mii characters will mingle over food, camping, exercise, sleeping arrangements, and yes, combat! In these wild, yet traditional RPG battles, your party’s relationships affect the outcome. Enemies attack while you explore the world map, which is littered with hidden paths and treasures. Talk about a win-win!

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Entirely too much fun

Being able to go on a goofy journey with your friends was a blast.
The job/class options were neat, and battle mechanics (while extremely simple) felt enjoyable.
I honestly just had a ton of fun when it came to customizing outfits, weapons, catchphrases, and the like.

I love this game, but it gets kinda boring towards the end. It just kinda drags on.

i wish this stupid nintendo game about miis had a thicker plot -- loneotaku 2021

too simple of an RPG to not get repetitive, but still an enjoyable romp

oddly one of my favorite rpgs even though i hate it when i can’t control my party but it’s kinda charming in this game