released on Nov 16, 2021

Moncage is an adventure puzzle game, where the player will explore a lonely world trapped in a mysterious cubic device. Each face of this cubic device will display a different scene. The player will navigate through the island and the factory by finding the connections among the scenes.

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Simpatico y debería haber más de este estilo, pero ni tiene el esoterismo de Gorogoa ni se sienten intuitivas algunas de las partes. Echadle un ojo si tal.

i'll be honest i completely forgot i played this game until i saw it in my steam commons folder
i actually do remember what the game is but ig it just didn't really stick with me man
it kind of reminds me of games like monument valley or maybe more accurately mekorama, with the whole turning of the puzzle environment thing to get things to line up exactly right so that the boundaries between each face of the cube blurs

i just played through a bit of it again and i remember why i didn't really enjoy it
the first play through is fun, forgiving moments of frustration where you just cant imagine how to accomplish something, but the game wants to incentivize repeated playthroughs by a "medal" (achievement) system (and a secret ending)
and its really boring!
because ultimately you're just repeating the same things you did before but keeping a slightly better eye out for things you missed
which maybe is fine for other games but it is just
REALLY boring to do in this game
it's calmness absolutely works against it for this
the other thing is some achievements have you do certain actions and if you miss your chance you have to basically loop back through the entire game because the game only has autosaves, no manual saving or restarting
this is also REALLY boring and also frustrating!
i would suggest that you play the game once or twice or however many times you want, then when you get tired of it just look up a 100% playthrough to see the things you missed
alternatively just play through the game with a guide so you don't miss anything (then you only need to play through like 2-3 times) (also i think i remember from my own playthrough that there really arent any good guides out there that arent video guides or super spoilery)
i dont NOT recommend this game

Головоломка с прикольной идеей, но задушенная, на мой взгляд, огромным количеством элементов решения задач, среди которых разбегаются глаза от непонимания, какие нужны, а какие- нет. Усугубляется это ощущение потерянности отутствием какой-либо цели на протяжении всей игры.

Es un jueguito de Puzzles donde la idea basica es manejarte viendo por caras de un cubo donde cada cara es como una ventana a un lugar distinto e ir conectando las distintas partes para pasar objetos de una cara hacia otra o inferir en distintas caras. En un principio pense que era un juego random sin historia pero mientras vas agarrando las fotos y mientras mas ventanas distintas vas viendo mas te vas dando cuenta de la historia en si. La dificultad varia entre muy estupida hasta llegar a necesitar las pistas que te da. Lo bueno del sistema de pistas es que te da 3 escritas, que parten de lo mas basico a alguna que casi te dice como resolverlo y por ultimo te da la opcion de ver un video, lo cual fue muy agradable. En cuanto a graficos, tiene unos graficos low poly que encajan muy bien con la ambientacion del juego.
Es un juego cortito, a mi me llevo alrededor de 2h y media pero muuuy disfruable

Classic puzzler with a beautiful style

I was ready to love Moncage going in, but the perspective-puzzle solutions were a little too obtuse at times. When my choices are "try everything until something works" or "look up a guide", at my age I'll just resort to the guide.