Monster Sanctuary

released on Dec 07, 2020

A pixel art monster collecting game featuring sideview visuals, metroidvania like exploration and challenging turn based combat.

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metroidvania + pokemon + final fantasy (your party members are the monsters) is a stellar combo in theory, and thankfully also in execution. i played this whole game in one week, got neck-deep in the party build meta, explored every single nook and cranny, and had dreams about playing it. it's a nearly perfect intersection of very specific interests for me, and i sometimes wish i could wipe my brain clean so i could experience it all again. maybe not the story though. the story was aggressively okay.

that said, complaints about the repetitive navigation are so valid. more than once, i found myself spacing out or falling asleep trying to get to a certain area, and i did not especially enjoy most of the puzzles. eventually i got to a point where i just defaulted to looking some of them up because i have ADHD and cannot be bothered to memorize the placements of which lever affects what door when it's off-screen. there's some tedium to the game for sure, and it won't be for everyone. i was able to happily power through it because i love a game with smooth movement, and this one had it.

the party-building and combat aspects are finely tuned but seem very unfriendly toward casual players; i found myself needing to engage with the gameplay meta in a way i didn't intend at the start because i started getting my shit absolutely whipped by babies and it felt bad. still, i do appreciate the options players are given to engage that deeply with the system; i cannot tell you how satisfying it was to wipe the floor with my spinner/bard/caraglow team. on the other hand, i literally did not use any other monsters after finalizing this team.

all in all, it was well worth the money and time i sunk into it and i'm looking forward to the next game the devs are working on.

It was fun until both the combat and world exploration became tedious and made me feel like I need to force myself to keep playing to enjoy the game.

Juegazo de captura de monstruos con rpg y toques de plataformeo. Tiene una historia chula, arte bonito diseños de monstruos interesantes. La mayoria son viables para la historia, con un postgame desafiate que te permite profundizar en la creación de equipos. Un juego muy bien hecho

I actually enjoyed this game a lot. A side-scrolling platformer where you navigate kinda like a metroidvania, has turn-based combat, and you collect monsters kind of like pokemon. I had the most fun building my monster's skills. It's great to be able to reset skills so you can experiment with your builds and see what works best.

monsters go brrr pew pew pew