Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits

released on Nov 30, 2004
by Namco

Mr. Driller, experienced with the drill, much use his abilities to dig beneath the Earth's crust in a race to the finish in order to save the day. Dangerous traps await as you dig through the puzzle layout to the goal, and be careful of Mr. Driller's air supply which can run out quickly. Find the right powerups to increase abilities and air supply while fighting the time clock.

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A portable arcade title with amazing replay value. The US release is unfinished, so try and play the PAL or Australian release if you can.

segundo juego favorito de mi mamá en la ds. bastante mejor que yo era.

There is no way to erase save data in this game so I had to knock a star. But aside from that it's pretty good. This was my first Driller game that had all six characters. You get to see a cute cutscene after beating a stage which serves as a nice incentive to beat as many as possible with each of the characters. The game is missing the time attack mode that the GBA and DSi game had, but that's if anything a plus in my book because it means you don't have to do it. (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

tiene un modo donde tenes que destruir un taladro malo que es divertido, ademas podes desbloquear un monton de personajes para escucharlos gemir de la forma mas incómoda cuando se quedan sin aire

the localized versions are absolute trash and remove content for no reason play the japanese version