Muse Dash

released on Jun 15, 2018

Play as characteristic heroines, dash through fairy tale like stages, dancing to the rhythm and beats, kick those silly cute enemies into outer space!

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Le gameplay est plutôt sympa (pendant 1 heure ou 2)... en revanche je ne suis pas un mec foutu, ravagé par la vie.
Si vous êtes un pédophile, un foutu ou un investigateur curieux intrigué par la bassesse humaine dans sa forme la plus pure, foncez !

this is just taiko for pedophiles. anyone who has more than five hours max on this game deserves to be on a list idgaf

uma pena que vc tem que comprar a dlc para ter todo o conteúdo. mas pode ser divertido se tu curte taiko

put 8 hours into this, and i realized that i just dont click with rhythm games. BUT I did like a good amount of music in this game, one of my favorite songs is "Frost Land" by Zris.