Nobody Saves the World

released on Jan 18, 2022

Nobody Saves The World is a new twist on action RPGs, in which you play many different character Forms, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics. The Calamity’s power is growing, and nobody can save the world now. Good thing you are Nobody!

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A fantastic title only let down by its slightly stagnant end-game.

I played it both coop and single player. It's very funny, challenging and innovative. I recommend it completely.

It has a depressed slug which shoots tears as a primary.
But for real a really good game. Definetly recommend.

Quirky adventure of shapeshifting Nobody. The combat itself is not that deep but the different forms keep it varied enough that the game is enjoyable through the 10+ hours it lasts.

It was a great experience. The mechanics and the forms are really creative. It was slightly longer than expected, but it was a blast throughout. The visuals are great, the soundtrack is simple and the gameplay is stellar.

It is somewhat slow and longer than it should be and this is the biggest flaw on it. Besides that, it's a pretty good game as all Drinkbox Studios games. And will probably grow more on me with time and a replay on NG+. Some of the forms are pretty creative and the game is really out there with some of its ideas.