released on Jun 05, 2008

The player is tasked with controlling the Batter and guiding him on his quest to "purify" the world of spirits. The player must take the Batter through the various Zones, collect battle partners, solve puzzles and partake in turn-based Active Time Battles in order to get to the source of the impurity.

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really reminded me of the time i beat off

There was some bad, but it was all worth it.

OFF is an incredible game that manages to hold a significant landstone in pop culture even over a decade after releasing. Even to this day there's not many things quite like it, just things that have been inspired by it.
OFF contains an absolutely ephemeral world, some of the most thick, intense atmosphere I've ever seen in an RPG Maker game, an absolutely incredible score that's unlike anything else I've ever heard, wonderful writing that helps pull you deeper into these characters and this strange, unknowable world, and with deep themes and implications running all throughout its runtime. It's a story with a lot of open room for interpretation and one you'll likely be chewing on for a time after.
The only thing really holding OFF back is its gameplay, its incredibly simple and basic, ultimately brainless. I never used the auto feature, but it honestly probably would've been for the best. The combat is piss easy, enemies never present a real challenge, the game never requires more than basic attack mashing for 90% of its runtime, the combat is very barebones. Luckily, the exploration and puzzles make up for it at least. The puzzles are rather fun brainteasers that definitely can make you do some thinking and have some rather inventive solutions (especially the one in the 3rd Zone, you know the fucking one).
All in all, while flawed, there's a reason OFF is the eternal classic it is. Still a joy to experience even to this day.
Shoutouts to Pablo btw the realest nigga there ever was.

I appreciate any game that demands I fill out full pages of notes and use phone screenshots for its puzzles.
Combat is super wonky but that's what the "Play The Game For Me" button is for, so I was able to not let it get in the way.

A man’s nihlistic journey towards internal and external destruction, unable to see the little joys in a wasteland he feels responsible for the creation of. The battle system may be weak, but the masterful atmosphere and OST are more than enough to cover for that.