Outcore: Desktop Adventure

released on Sep 26, 2022

All you wanted was a nice game. But now you find yourself opening Windows apps like Paint & Notepad to solve puzzles, and searching for files on your computers that you didn't put there... Who is she? Why did she appear on your desktop? Let's dive into her memories and find out.

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A very short and sweet free game. Some of the pixel art looks kind of iffy at times but the writing got a chuckle out of me many times and i CANT STOP PLAYING THE IDLE GAME

No está mal. Tiene algunos gags graciosos, pero no llega a ser bueno de verdad.

really interesting concept with occasional success, but is separated by large sections of tedious platforming and dialogue trying to be undertale so hard, and often the 4th wall computer stuff is searching for a file in loads of folders anyway

A short, but incredibly endearing game. A fun concept done particularly well. Writing is incredibly fun, and the ending feels concrete. Incredibly well-done, especially for a game that's entirely free-to-play. With clear inspiration from Paper Mario, Celeste, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more, it's a fun game that knows how to balance itself out; even if it takes some getting used to. Lots of depth to be found, regardless of how short it is. I do recommend using a single 16:9 display, though - some parts of the game don't like 32:9 displays or display scaling above 100%.

cannot believe this game is free. what a great concept executed very well!! replayed a couple times both for fun and to get the achievements, had so much fun with that too.