Outer Wilds

released on May 28, 2019

Outer Wilds is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. The newest member of the space program in a small village on the planet Timber Hearth, the player navigates a space shuttle and travels across their solar system to get to the bottom of its mysteries by exploring the cosmos and gathering the knowledge hidden within each of the system's planets, left behind by another civilization in the distant past.

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Es un juego maravilloso, una experiencia única que todos deberían jugar. No se puede hablar mucho del juego, porque, realmente el descubrir todo por uno mismo es la gracia de este juego y su mensaje es hermoso. También cuenta con una hermosa banda sonora que a día de hoy me pone la piel de gallina

Very, very good. A very self-contained and tightly designed game that does pretty much exactly what it sets out to. I went into it almost completely blind (which I highly recommend) and thought it was more of a No Man's Sky-esque open-world exploration game, but it's really a weird sort of non-linear mystery game, and mystery really is the appropriate word, the game constantly has you stumbling upon bombshell after bombshell that just makes the rabbit hole go deeper and deeper, making it really hard to put down. There were a few hiccups like a few cryptic hints or stuff that doesn't really go anywhere, and the waiting often required kinda sucks, but overall it was a surprisingly excellent little time.

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O jogo de exploração. Uma história relativamente simples mas contada com uma complexidade incomparável, descobrir cada aspecto de toda uma linha do tempo usando apenas sua própria curiosidade é, pra mim, o melhor aspecto desse jogo. A jornada de escolhas entre oque você mais se interessa, desde o primeiro planeta que você vai visitar, ou coisas mais específicas como a forja do buraco negro, ou a torre do conhecimento quântico, é de pura escolha sua, com nada te impedindo de prosseguir pra qualquer região, tudo que te limita é seu conhecimento sobre as coisas. E a finalização, toda a chegada ao olho do universo como uma finalização de todas as jornadas de todos os seres do universo pesa demais. Jogo perfeito

must play
but it does have plenty of design problems, they dont detract from the experience, but they sure are stupid
still, must play

esse é provavelmente o único jogo perfeito existente