A 16th-century narrative adventure set in Upper Bavaria, following Andreas Maler, a journeyman artist working in the bygone scriptorium of Kiersau Abbey during a time of great social unrest. While finishing his masterpiece, Andreas inadvertently becomes entangled in a series of murders that take place over 25 years. Peasants, thieves, craftsmen, monks, nuns, nobles, and even saints must be investigated and interrogated to expose the truth.

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More conflicted about this than I'd like to be considering I adored almost all of it. The ending is exceptionally sloppy, almost comically so. I think what's to blame is Pentiment's strict adherence to its inspirations, especially Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. The murder mystery of Pentiment is the weakest link from start to finish, a blemish on what is otherwise an exceptional portrayal of everyday life in a small 16th century Bavarian village. A Boku no Natsuyasumi-like microhistory examining the inner lives of peasants and artists alike across both the shifting tides of medieval historical and theological movements and the trials and tribulations of mundane life. It's dedication to the marginalia of life is genuinely inspiring. The best moments of Pentiment have such texture and appreciation of life they feel like they're taken out of a Renoir film or an iyashikei (think Aria or Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou). Writing about this after finishing it I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of that ending, but I feel like with time that bad taste will fade and my overall outlook on this game will be overwhelmingly positive. Might even raise the score to five stars at some point.

I genuinely hope the lads at Obsidian can make more stuff like this. I hated The Outer Worlds' eye rolling Rick & Morty-isms and thought New Vegas was mid but this is something really special, even in spite of the blemishes it inherits from Umberto Eco. An absolute must play!

Amazing artstyle, intriguing story and world. The split between arcs felt a little harsh, but was functional.

Loved the setting, but the pace was too slow for me. Might pick up later.

pentiment é aquele tipo de jogo discreto que guarda muita magia e beleza. ele é relativamente curto, não chega a ser nem 20 horinhas mas ele consegue te envolver na trama rapidamente. você se apega ao andreas e aos personagens e realmente surge um sentimento de 'quero ajudá-los!'.

o jogo traz diversos assuntos, te mergulha na arte, religião, em liberdade de escolha, morte e sobrevivência. não vou me aprofundar muito para evitar spoilers mas é impecável. o visual é maravilhoso, tudo parece uma pintura, as movimentações e detalhezinhos, é extremamente caprichado. é um jogo de escolhas, você molda sua personalidade e conhecimentos e lidará com as consequências que seguirão ao longo da história. além ser bastante narrativo, 'pentiment' te conta com muitos detalhes sobre fatos históricos então não é exatamente um jogo dinâmico, não é a proposta dele, seu ritmo é mais devagar mas consegue prender sua atenção com o enredo bem trabalhado e misterioso. enfim, vou guardá-lo com muito carinho. agradecimentos ao távio pela recomendação!

Part RPG and part history lesson, Pentiment is one of those truly unique gaming experiences that I don't think has any parallel. The story is told through an art style modeled after the game's 16th-century setting, and you engage with all kinds of interesting characters as you try to uncover the truth behind a major overarching mystery. Through all of that, the game offers plenty of contextual information about the actual history of Central Europe at the time, providing insight into why you're doing what you're doing and why characters are the way they are. And like any good RPG, you get to make certain decisions that influence the world around you and can engage with NPCs in a way fitting for your character. The gameplay loop is fairly simplistic, so don't go in expecting a complex RPG system--think of it more like an interactive novel with some additional gamified elements. Overall, another big win for Obsidian!