Pokémon Conquest

released on Mar 17, 2012

Pokémon Conquest is a strategy game set in the Ransei region. You play as a Warlord of the Primus Kingdom, one of the 17 Kingdoms in the Ransei region. You are charged with the task of battling against a wide variety of powerful opponents, including the mighty Nobunaga, whose goal is to destroy the Ransei region!The 17 Kingdoms of the Ransei region possess a variety of Armies competing for control. The 17 Kingdoms are also deeply linked to a specific Pokémon type. Primus Kingdom, for example, has a strong connection with Normal-type Pokémon!

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main game lasted about 6 hours for me. the concept of the game is really cool actually and fits the pokemon theme well. i was confused at first that we only get one attack per pokemon but otherwise this wouldnt flow so well. postgame does not really speak to me so i am leaving it at that. its nice as something to ease your mind to and not too difficult in terms of tactic and such.

Decently fun game but most of your time with it will be spent in the postgame. The main game is fairly short but the postgame is absurdly long. If you don't mind that then the game will be amazing for you, but I never felt too engaged with it for that reason.

Genuinely one of my favorite games of all time.
I still haven't fully beaten it.

Mucho peor de lo que esperaba. Hay que grindear mucho y se me hizo muy repetitivo

Shoutout to all you people who know this game, you're real

Pokemon but ur must invade countrys