Rance X: Showdown

released on Feb 23, 2018

Rance X: Showdown is the 13th and final game in Alicesoft's flagship Rance Series, marking the conclusion for the 28-year-old series. While initially set for a 2016 release, it was later delayed to and ultimately released on February 23, 2018.

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Rance X is a venture to ace all the previous set-up made over the course of decades by attempting to rearrange its iconic joyful atmosphere into a cruel setting filled with high stakes, all this while going through the hurdle of dealing with an ambitious project that greatly overpowers its budget.
The result for me was, easily the best gameplay I have experienced within alicesoft, be it in depth, variety or creativity.
But, sadly I did not feel like the stakes were as properly delivered as I had hoped, some of the intended impact could not reach me with as powerful a feeling as I thought it meant to, alongside the pacing and length of some parts, I could not help but feel that it ends up clashing with the enormous wager that is within the game's story, which ended up, unhappily for me, contributing so that the parts of the game where I truly felt emotionally engaged were quite few for how much of a behemoth the story is.
Otherwise, this isn't to mean that the experience was ever close to being just good, no it was always greater or better, as I was mostly having fun with only the best gameplay alicesoft ever made, and always experiencing the usual joy this entire series can offer no matter the game, it is truly a delight to experience.
With that, I can say that I liked Rance X, liked quite a lot.
I'm rating this based solely on the last 20 hours of this massive 200+ hours videogame.
Because that I did not like, I loved.

I am retiring the phrase "peak fiction"
I do not believe I will ever experience peak fiction again
everything else I play from now on will be rated on a scale of
mid fiction to good-but-not-peak fiction

Still can't believe this game really exists.

Hmmm, the Eroge award. We told our Chinese sponsors that this award was a demand from our audience and they relented. Looks like they don`t mind it as long as it showcases the filthy Japanese degeneracy. Without further ado:
After 28 years of blood, lore, and semen, Alicesoft brings Rance to a climax. Rance X returns to grand strategy, but with the series’ highest stakes right from the start. Choices and replayability are king, and tons of secret content will keep you coming. By La Way, even though this is the “final” game timeline-wise, Rance IV may still get a Zero Four remake, so odds are the Hyper Weapon will get at least one more chance to shine again. Until then, enjoy the ride.

Peak video games. Perfect end to a long running series. A love letter to RPGs and the history of Alicesoft. Not only is the story compelling, but the gameplay also manages to be possibly the most fun in the entire series, with near endless replay value. A special series that needs to be experienced to witness this grand conclusion.