released on Apr 06, 2023

Fallen heroes of old folk tales and legends: you are on the verge of a crucial battle against the Nightmare invading and corrupting your world. A roguelike action game from the creators of Curse of the Dead Gods, playable solo or in online co-op.

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What little of this game currently exists is excellent. The problem is as it stands it's basically a $20 demo. A very good demo, but there's not enough content to justify an early access, let alone the price tag. I will revisit and surely change the rating once there's more content to play through.

Definitely gonna get better with future updates, they've got a really solid framework and it's decently fun for a click-n-wait hero style beat-em-up or whatever. It's not something I'll play on my own probably, but it's good with friends

Ravenwatch es un juego con unos fundamentos de hierro que se lastra por ser un early access muy carente de contenido por ahora, cosa que (supongo) se acabará arreglando.
Bien llevado, puede acabar siendo the big next thing. O por lo menos uno de esos indies que miras y dices "illo esto estaba guapísimo"
No pongo valoración ni completed hasta que salga la versión completa el año que viene por razones evidentes. Ya veremos.

[played on early access]
Man this game is amazing... The early access as very very low content (only one level) but compensated on the number of different characters. The combat is very fluid and very unique and all characters have completly different gameplay. The art is really good too. I'm very excited for the full launch