Sewer Shark

released on Oct 15, 1992

Sewer Shark is an FMV-based shooter, and one of the first games released for the Sega CD. You move a crosshair around the screen and shoot targets. Occasionally, you can also choose to change directions at fixed points. Of course the real attraction in a game like this is the story. In the future, maybe in the year 2000, people will be forced to move underground and live in tunnels. Unfortunately, these tunnels are infested with mutated rat / alligator creatures known as "ratigators." You are pilot of a Sewer Shark, a craft designed to navigate the Sewers and rid them of ratigators. It's a dangerous job, but if you clear out enough vermin you can win a one-way trip to Solar City and sunny beaches.

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The first sega cd game I conquered. Yay, I guess

To quote a Youtube personality I often used to watch:

"For this game, I only have a two word review: Shit shark."

The single greatest intro to any video game. I played this to death.