Shadows of Doubt

released on Apr 24, 2023

Shadows of Doubt is a detective stealth game set in a fully-simulated neo-noir metropolis.

An open world stealth game with a whole city of secrets at your fingertips!

Set in an alternate reality hyper-industrialized 1980s where the government outsources police work to private corporations and contractors. You play the role of a private intelligence investigator, making money by finding and selling information. Capture of the rampant serial killer carries a hefty bounty, but who knows what secrets you’ll find along the way. In this world of secrets & lies, information is power, and the cards you hold are determined by how far you’ll go to acquire it…

Break into apartments, rifle through secret documents and hack security systems. The entire world is fully simulated. Each citizen has an apartment, a job, a daily routine, favorite things to do, places to go, and people to interact with. Uncover this knowledge and use it to your advantage!

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Jan 4th, 1979
I arrive at another murder scene, the victim is killed with a sharp razor and lying at the center of a heart painting—no wonder people call this murderer Valentines Slasher. Unfortunately, the only clues I have are the fingerprints and the shoe size of the murderer. But wait, after searching around the victim's apartment for a little bit I find a note. He wrote down that someone suspicious was following him in the past days in specific areas, and gave a detailed description of this possible murderer. Thanks to that, I learn this guy's body type, height, and hairstyle. If I search around those places and ask some people about suspicious people, I can easily find more leads, right? Wrong. The only information I get is they saw someone angry around 201 Schmidt Center. The name rings a bell, but I can't remember why. When I go to check the place, I understand why. This is the murder place I went to two days ago. However, I already found the murderer of that case and I already know Valentines Slasher's fingerprints aren't there. I still wander around in the building with the hope of finding valuable information, but it's a dead end. I check surveillance records of the building, but I can't find anyone that fits the description.
With all my hopes crushed, I go to the victim's workplace. He works in a factory where every segment of it is a private area except for the cafeteria. I check the cafeteria in the hope of finding the murderer's fingerprints, but it's futile. After waiting until the factory closed for the day and all the employees went to their homes, I sneak into the main building. I check every floor, but still can't find any useful information.
It's a snowy January night, and I have no idea what to do next. I decide to sit down in a restaurant to get warm before planning my next move. The only "plan" I can think of is waiting until the murderer kills another person and hoping he will leave more clues behind this time. I eat my hamburger and drink my coffee while checking the clues I have again and again. When the clock hits 07:30 my patience runs out. It's already been almost 12 hours since I found the last victim, and I can't just simply sit and wait for another innocent person to get killed. I leave the restaurant and rush to the first building I can find. My plan is to check every door for fingerprints. I know this is pointless since there are hundreds of people living in this city. But I won't really check all the doors anyway. The scenario in my mind is to check the first door and whining about this case is impossible after seeing the fingerprints on the door are completely different than Valentines Slasher's fingerprints. However, when I check the first door I can find, I stumble upon the same fingerprints on the murder weapon. I knock on the door, and a person who fits the exact description given by the victim comes out. Although I couldn't believe my eyes, that was it, Valentines Slasher stands in front of me. The case I spent hours on got solved just like this.

Great game/art style but just very buggy.

Unfortunately it ran very badly even on minimum, but I was compelled. Hope they give more options to make the graphics a bit worse for smoother running so I can play this properly some day.

A really great idea, but lacking in execution. Apart from the sheer quantity of bugs the game has (it's currently in alpha), the murder investigations are extremely straightforward. There is no suspects list, no motive or nothing like other detective games, you just find some fingerprints, find some more in the workplace of the victim and you can find the culprit that way.
The side jobs can be interesting, but because they ask you to trail someone and pretty often will give you very irrelevant info, it's more of a gambling game until you get one where they tell you their workplace or something useful to identify them.
Overall, I was surprised to see how many different mechanics the game use and getting in and out of places feels fun, but I feel like the game tries to do too much and falls short. Maybe with the next years of development it gets better, but right now it can be pretty underwhelming.

Super promising, can't wait for more features/bug fixing because this concept is tailor made for me