Shrek the Third

released on May 15, 2007

An action video game based from the third installment of the Shrek movie series.

The Frog King has died and Shrek has inherited the throne. Since Shrek's not a big fan of this idea, he and his friends journey to the Worcestershire academy to recruit Fiona's cousin, Artie, for the job. Unfortunately, while he's away the dastardly Prince Charming has big plans to take over the kingdom.

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better than the movie
i had (have) this on the psp i thought i never finished it as a kid because of some contrived section i could just not figure out but then playing it as an adult i got past that part and i could remember parts after it in fact i remember the final boss best 💀 so did i like beat the game back and just forgot very possible

Somehow a more pleasant experience than the movie it's an adaptation of.

I played this years back on the Wii because my brother got it on the birthday when I got Super Mario Galaxy
Mindless 3D Brawler but it controls well for what it is and its short. A solid Shrek game, not as great as Shrek 2 and Super Slam though.

As bad as this game is, it's still way better than the movie.