Sonic the Hedgehog 2

released on May 01, 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a promotional browser game by McDonald's in collaboration with Sega and Paramount based around the movie of the same name.

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Funny ha ha tee-hee game that seemingly exists for everyone on Backloggd to get their one good joke in on, and that's apparently all the McDonald's corporation puts out. Slop for your slop hole. Well guess what, fuckers, i'm the fattest hog in town
anyway i don't think i loaded the right browser game because my PC is currently locked out and screaming at me to send Ronald McDonald bitcoins to access my files

I always knew people gave Sonic 2 way too much credit, but wow it's even worse than I remembered! Why are the buttons here so big that I can't press either when the game prompts me to do so? Why is the music soundin like generic mall pop with weak riffs? Is my new 1440p monitor so powerful that edges are disappearing as I move along or is Sonic's speed over-tuned to the masses? What were they thinking?!

I don't know this existed, but it being solely half stars is really funny.

It honestly feels like a blessing that something this bootleggy can be released by one of the largest companies in the world. Sonic sounds like he's a 40 year strong smoker. You can take your hands off the keyboard and the game will play itself. I don't have a webcam so it just set to my obs virtual webcam so the OBS logo was my background. The webcam feature in general just feels like this was made by one sole creep at McDonald's to get videos of iPad babies drooling and eating burger.

Sonic 2's back half is absolutely unforgivable, I hate those fuckin' fiddler crabs in Metropolis Zone with their Volkswagen Beetle-sized hitboxes and that dumbass final boss gauntlet that sucks the wind out of you- wait what the fuck is this shit, get this crap out of here.
elbow drops it through the announce table

it wouldn't let me turn when I clicked the turn buttons and that is the only interactive part of the game
still got a massive score
why does the game want to access my camera
you will never learn my location mcdonalds