Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

released on Apr 08, 2024

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

released on Apr 08, 2024

Study, relax, or get productive in the cozy world of Spirit City. Set the mood with lofi beats and soundscapes, customize your character and spirit pet, and use the productivity tools to help you stay on task. All while discovering cute hidden spirits and adding them to your spirit collection.

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gosh this game is so cute ... i got it on a whim because my motivation with finals has been weating thin and i needed something new to keep me going. i saw a discord friend idling on it a few weeks ago so i thought i'd give it a shot too, and oh my gosh, it totally exceeded my expectations!!

in terms of productivity tools, this game has a customizeable pomodoro timer, a habit tracker, a to-do list, a journal, customizeable soundscapes, like ~5 pre installed albums to listen to & a built in youtube web player! basically, for me, it's everything i need and more to get the work i need to done! i also struggle a lot with motivation, so knowing i have new things to buy or spirits to unlock if i keep up with my work does wonders for my focus

that said, the customization feels a little incomplete, at least where it stands now! but the devs have posted a mini roadmap saying they'll be dropping some free updates later to improve that, which i'm very hopeful & excited for! for a game that just came out a couple weeks ago, there's still plenty to do and unlock

but anyways yeah if you're reading this and you're looking for a sign to get this game, absolutely get it! the price is more than worth all the features it comes loaded with just compared to other productivity idlers out there for free

Why my ear looks like goblin?!

If you want a cute little companion application to use to help keep you focused and get your life in order, this is a great one to use! I stumbled upon it while looking through my Steam queue and don't regret it one bit. You'll know instantly if it's something you'll need or want. If you like cozy vibes, want a productivity tool and organization tool, and want to collect cute little pets along the way, then this is for you.

Lofi Girl Simulator, and I mean that in the best way possible.

This isn't really a "game", more of an interactive screensaver. Personally I haven't really bothered much with the progression like spirit unlocks yet. And that aside, I do think that its sort of a niche thing that will only work for some people. But personally I've had a great time with it and it has genuinely helped me focus or relax sometimes. It's really cute and I'm super excited to use it more while doing my silly little tasks, and I definitely recommend it to anyone else who wants something to work along with that's way more fun than just putting on a video or a music track.

Not a game per say but virtual room and the best I've tried so far. Luckily I am in the midst of a course so I have had plenty of hours to test this even in demo version. This 'game' has everything I need:
- Lofi Music
- Optional addition of sounds like rain, birds even white/brown noise
- Customizable pomodoro timer
- Task list
- (Cute visuals) Ability to hide UI and remove distractions

EDIT I forgot very important feature for me - WEB BROWSER MUSIC!