Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

released on Oct 17, 2019

A remake combining the content of the Game Boy Advance games, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, for the Nintendo Switch.

The series' international name was changed to Story of Seasons due to Natsume keeping the rights to the Harvest Moon title when Marvelous began publishing through their own companies, XSEED Games, instead.

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A remake of my childhood favorite game ever until it got straight up stolen. I love this game, it's everything I wanted the remake to be: GAY. Now I can gay Gray and no one can stop me.

É um dos melhores remakes do Harvest moon back to Nature, teve bastante mudanças, e a maioria são boas, os problemas mesmo são o sistema de coração desse jogo que não é tão bom e parece que só foi feito pra encher linguiça pra conseguir aumentar os corações dos animais

first things first: i am far from finished with this game, but i still decided i wanted to write a review for it already.
lets start off with the positive things: this game showed me that i actually really like farming simulations like these. i remember playing harvest moon on ds when i was younger but it didnt stick with me all that much. i am very happy i gave this game a chance and now wanting to get into this franchise a whole lot more. i tried playing stardew valley but it really wasn't for me, as a beginner in these kind of games.
but this one was a lot simpler and beginner friendly, making it easy to fall into this kind of "hole". tutorials are straight to the point and the game being restricted made it actually accessible for me.
now for the negatives.
this game looks pretty ugly. and, as far as i have seen thats not the only sos game having that problem. its sad because i also started playing the first game on the 3ds which already stood out just with its graphics to me.
i see what they were going for, it is kind of just the pokemon pearl remake style with a little less budget. maybe thats just me but the chibistyle is not doing it for me anymore and im pretty sick of it.
also the games characters are absolutely boring. i know that the dating aspects of these games are also a big thing in these games but after being interested in one person and wanting to get to know them more, just to only ever get the same textbox when talking to them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY... it scares me off.
ive read into it a little and know about the gift giving and heart events, etc.
but i still think this remake would have done a lot better if the characters had some or maybe even a lot more dialogue.
but for starters this is quite nice. c:

stardew valley and this are the same game

Sometimes it’s hard to grade a remake. See, the thing with Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is that Harvest Moon is so fucking good. It feels so good to see the money coming in; to sheer a sheep, to collect an egg from a coop, to brush a horse, to harvest crops. Seeing a grey heart turn to purple gives me more serotonin response than most entire games do. It is really impressive to create a gameplay loop full of monotonous tasks that build to a big enough prize to keep me going and going and going. Because of that, it is undeniable: I think Harvest Moon is fucking good. However, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town kind of stinks.
Now, when judging a remake it’s kind of hard, so let me set some parameters: okay, there’s really, mainly, only one. Has the team behind the remake made the quintessential way to play this game? With a remake, especially one that keeps so true to the gameplay of its origin as much as this game has, you can really only judge on presentation and added content. Now, I can't talk of all the additions to this title except for gay marriage, which legitimately accounts for an entire star of my rating. Mainly so because I honestly can see myself going to past Harvest Moon titles that have romancing only to disinterested in the romance portion of the game because there's no lesbians!
Okay, now presentation. While gay marriage accounts for an entire star being added to the rating, this game's presentation accounts for the missing two stars. The worst thing you can do is make an ugly Harvest Moon game, and from what I’ve seen of Marvelous’ modern work, this installment is far from its worst, but this art style isn’t doing the job for me. It’s that kind of smoothed-over 3D art that just squeezes all the charm out of designs that maybe would be cuter with less polygons, lol. I will say, though, the 2D watercolor-style portraits are really charming. Another big thing is sound design and response; something I can’t really put my finger on, but this is lacking a lot of polish, even disregarding plenty of small glitches that may or may not mostly revolve around navigating tight spaces while nearby an adult horse.
When I got a Playstation Vita, it was mainly in hopes to play, for cheap, all of the Playstation-exclusive JRPGs that had stayed away from Nintendo and Xbox. I played a lot of classics for the first time on that beautiful handheld that had such a thankless job. One of those classics was Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I played a lot of it just willy-nilly, and the thing about this series is that it is not friendly to casual players (or teens with no sense of a series’ particular vibes). You better have a notebook, ready, motherfucker, and even with a walkthrough at the ready telling me what to give Ann everyday to get her to like me, I just did not have the discipline to live a successful farm life.
So, even though I thought this game, as a remake of one of the quintessential Harvest Moon titles, was just average, it still was such a joy to be able to tackle this as an adult and really develop the fuck out of an anime farm. I was racking up the coin, raising animals that loved me back, and I got freaking gay married, whores!!! It wouldn’t be the first time I sunk a bunch of hours (I had one day where I did 10 hours straight) into a fun game with rough presentation (Fire Emblem: Three Houses), but I wanted to clear this from my backlog, since I’ve had this for nearly two years lol, before getting into older installments that I hear good things about on here. I went through two full years in this game, and I definitely am excited to get into this series a lot more and see what's out there in its past installments after playing this one.