Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find the way home.

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I've been meaning to play through this game since it released on Xbox in September but on top of school and work I was kinda occupied with a bunch of other game releases that came out in the past few months (as well as some games I replayed after getting the Collector's Editions of) but now that I've finally gotten around to completing Stray for the first time, yeah I really liked it lol.
Admittedly I wouldn't call this the most exciting game experiences out there, but on top of being able to play as a cat (which alone was already a great selling point for this game for me), there's a surprisingly good amount of worldbuilding that you uncover as you play through the game. I definitely felt pretty intrigued and learning the whole backstory behind this game's setting and especially with the character of B-12, plus the dialogue with the NPCs and each having sort of their own personality and point of view (plus gotta appreciate the anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian theming this game has).
Plus the game offers a good amount of puzzle solving that goes rather well with the idea of, well, playing as a cat, between using small objects, pipes and whatnot as platforming that you jump between and occasionally scratching at stuff to progress through the story. It isn't too deep or anything but it fits well with what this game's going for, and you can even use some of the cat mannerisms on the NPCs if you'd like to various reactions (i.e., if you run in front of them they trip over you, or you can rub against your legs for their affection)
Don't really have too much else to say, but I think it's worth playing at the very least. Especially if you are a fellow cat enjoyer.

Was a comfy game. I had a lot of fun with it and the kitty is super cute. The cat mannerisms were a cute touch and the interactions you could have with NPC's were adorable. The ending made me cry, now I'm only tempted to 100% but not entirely sure if I'm up for speed running the game for one of the achievements :p

This one had the brain cell that day

Very fun little game! The cat is super cute. I absolutely loved the world design and artistic direction the dev took for the game. I also loved all the puzzles throughout the game.
I recommend you buy this game when it's on sale!