A typical evening at a local bar erupts into chaos as members of a Special Forces strike team descend through the roof to kidnap a young girl, Dominique. Three bouncers--Sion, Volt, and Kou--come to the rescue, only to see the invaders grab Dominique, retreat through a window, and escape. Now it's up to you to save Dominique either alone or simultaneously with three friends. With The Bouncer's 3D combat environment, battles can take place anywhere.

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In the right context, ie. day drinking with a buddy on a Saturday, this game is good, outside of that, good luck! Criminal that there's no co-op campaign functionality.

Güzel bir prologue umarım devamı gelir beklemedeyim.

I, Jonny RaZer, solemnly swear that neither Count Chocula, Fruit Brute, nor Yummy Mummy will ever be added to the hit 2000 game, The Bouncer.

Score: 3/10

Was holding out hope for this to be secretly good, but that hope got tossed out the window the second it gives you control of a character. Lab-engineered to be the worst feeling brawler you've ever played type stuff. The good news is this game is like and hour and a half max + you can easily mash your way out of just about any battle. Oh and the game looks really good - it's a tech demo for the ps2 and the cutscenes are all phenomenal. They're also most of the game!

Other thoughts on "The Bouncer" - big fan of echidna's fit + hair, Volt Kreuger's massive rolled up jeans. Half trying (barely trying) to give backstory through unused script pages in the loading screens is insane + every time you die you have to brace yourself for THE BOUNCER and then the ritual of skipping at least six cutscenes to get back into it.

Fun to play with a friend, but also the kind of thing you will forget everything about a week later. I'm two days out while writing this and It feels like a lot is mostly gone already from my memory.

so bad that it kinda looped back into being good. it's got a lot of clunk but also a lot of charm. the story mode (which has replay value) is very short so you can decide if you like it while also beating it within like 3 hours.

the menu is ugly & you can tell it was rushed. there's no lock on so you kinda just swing at everything. also kou is hot.