The Finals

released on Dec 07, 2023

Join The Finals, the world-famous, free-to-play, combat-centered game show! Fight alongside your teammates in virtual arenas that you can alter, exploit, and even destroy. Build your own playstyle in this first-person shooter to win escalating tournaments and lasting fame. Can you reach The Finals?

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The most fun I've had since S3 of Fortnite, but holy hell does it need better weekly updates. With seasons that last a very long time (3 months), a consistent flow of impactful updates is needed to keep the game fresh, yet all we get from Embark are new cosmetics and community challenges that barely scrape the surface. On top of that, longstanding issues such as Light class being competitively unviable, matchmaking being fucked and voice chat not working correctly have gone completely unaddressed. I want this game to succeed, I really do, but it's become clear that Embark doesn't know how to handle a live service model. I pray that something changes soon and that The Finals doesn't end up as yet another failed multiplayer project.

Um dos meus amigos disse que isto era o 'Tiktok dos Videojogos' e provavelmente é a melhor forma de o descrever, rondas hiper-rápidas (um lapso e já se foi metade da partida), ação constante, um sentimento vago de nunca ter a certeza do que se está a passar e muito, muito barulho. É incrível.

Todas as partidas começam em puro silêncio, literalmente o único momento de meditação disponível, desde o menu cheio de pop-ups e daily challenges até aos momentos finais de uma partida. Assim que a música corta e deixa só o som dos teus pés a bater no chão, tens cerca de 30 segundos para deixar a tua última célula cerebral processar qualquer tipo de pensamento para além 'disparar, correr, explodir'.

this game feels so innovative when it comes to these types of free multiplayer games. not to mention, they have frequent events in which you can earn free skin sets. but man do i suck at this game

very fun but runs like ass on my computer; i get constant latency issues

The most fun i had in a shooter since Halo Infinite Season 1. Crazy how not making BR #25947 helps you stand out.