The Hex

released on Oct 16, 2018

In a creaky old tavern, in a forgotten corner of the video-game universe, a storm is raging. An anonymous caller suggests that a murder is being planned. Six video game genre protagonists are the only plausible suspects...

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games about games hit a certain spot for me an this is a very decent entry into that. all of the sections are paced poorly in different ways to another. just a silly little daniel mullins game thats probably his worst

Very tricky to rate, this one. I played this after both Pony Island and Inscryption, so I had some idea what I was getting myself into, and yet the game still ended up surprising me.
In general, I'd say it feels less coherent than Mullins' other titles, and it has by far the most obfuscated storyline of the three; I found reading up on it after playing greatly enhanced my appreciation of this one, which seems like an odd thing to say about a game that I am recommending... Overall it feels like by far the least accessible of the Mullins trilogy.
I was a bit worried that it was going to turn into a reference humour / gaming industry celebrating itself kinda affair after the first couple of chapters; there is a bit of it, but by the latter part of the game the theming has moved onto... something else. I found much of the first half of the game quite weak and a bit cringey with the reference humour; the game actually does a fantastic job of justifying its early weaknesses later on, but this doesnt do much to improve your experience of these bits on your first playthrough.
All in all, it's a game you have to be prepared to push through the beginning of to get to the Mullinsy goodness within. I can recommend it but it's /definitely/ not for everyone.

I'm fascinated with how Daniel Mullins thinks about games. Pony Island was super interesting, and The Hex even moreso. However, neither game is terribly compelling to play? Especially since important aspects are intentionally obfuscated, or even located in completely other games. I would recommend watching a good stream of this game, but even that would lessen the impacts of the themes found within this game. An extremely hard game to rate, but please play it if it sounds interesting to you.
Very excited to play Inscryption!

Just play this, 6+ games in one that come together in an emotional story and the soundtrack alone makes this a must-buy

Metagame goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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A very original metagame that honors (or parodies) games themselves, from concrete games to the industry as a whole. One of those very particular experiences that Daniel Mullins always offers.

Un metajuego tremendamente original que homenajea (o más bien parodia) a los juegos en sí mismo desde títulos concretos hasta la industria en general. Una de esas experiencias muy particulares que siempre ofrece Daniel Mullins.