The Legend of Zelda

released on Feb 21, 1986

The Legend of Zelda is the first title in the Zelda series, it has marked the history of video games particularly for it's game mechanics and universe. The player controls Link and must make his way through the forests, graveyards, plains and deserts of the Otherworld to find the secret entrances to the eight dungeons and try to restore the broken Triforce. Among the game's mechanics, it was the first time we saw a continuous world that could be freely explored, power-ups that permanently enhanced the main character's abilities and a battery save feature that allowed players to keep their progress instead of having to start over. The gameplay balanced action sequences with discovery, secrets and exploration.

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I never owned this as a kid but bought it as an adult and have never been able to get into it. I understand that you’re meant to walk around and figure stuff out but the lack of clear sign posts in an old game means I’m likely to bunch off it.

Game is not feasibly playable without an external guide. One of the core dungeons is hidden behind burning a random one of a thousand generic bushes scattered across the world. Really?

some of the stuff is really vague but once you get into it its like a cozy game in a way, you know? its so primitive its kind of charming just to mess around.

I think the fact that this game allows you to choose your own path through it is cool, and the music is nice, outside of that though, I was a little underwhelmed and even bored by it at times. Combat is pretty bad and annoying, the secrets are so secret you might as well never find them and the dungeons and boss encounters go from uninspired to extremely annoying. I understand and appreciate it's importance to gaming history but I don't think it's aged particularly well and it was not a good gaming experience for me personally, unless you're super curious about how the series started, I'd pass.

It's a secret to everybody that this game can be enjoyable with a guide.
The Legend of Zelda is the first game of the Zelda franchise, the best way to look at this game nowadays is as a proto Link to the Past, while this game might not be fun or deep like LttP it's still an impressive little buggar of a game, especially from 1986.
Though, just like any NES games this game is really frustrating and annoying to play without a map. It's mostly due to the countless hidden walls in dungeons or on the overworld and the awful tips that just mean literally nothing, it's really hard to appreciate this game without a map telling you where you can get all of those hidden items.
But other than the crypticism the game is mostly fun to go through, early on it is kind of a chore as enemies can kick your ass very easily, especially the dang Darknuts, curse them. But once you unlock the sword upgrade and collect more and more heart pieces it only gets easier! What surprised me were the boss battles, they are all extremely easy, they all just require one or two hits with a specific item, other than the hydra, even Ganon only requires 4 basic hits to kill.
Overall a really decent NES game but unfortunately suffers from the average NES problems, but definitely one of the best, I wouldn't particularly recommend it over any Zelda games but why not, it's short and sweet.