The Mirror Lied

released on May 26, 2008

The Mirror Lied is the second game in the Freebird Games franchise. The player controls a little girl named 'Leah' as she explores a house with no one else in it and no visible means of escape.

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Para ser de 2008 es bastante decente.

O espelho mentiu, fazer o que né?

Ah, I hate that I remember so little of these earlier Kan Gao games. I know they've all been fun to play and occasionally moving, aside from To The Moon, which was a complete revelation. They're all worth checking out.

Even when you do know what was going on, it's odd. Thank God it's only 20 minutes, otherwise this could have easily overstayed it's welcome. I'm sure this game is for someone, but who?

The Mirror Lied is a short thriller with a strange story that will most likely not make any sense when you play it, but with the atmosphere and how bizarre and slightly unsettling it is, I think it's at least worth checking out.
The gameplay is limited to point-and-click elements and doesn't have any real depth.

Although you're better off playing Freebird's other games, this one is still an interesting look at the dev's roots.
Someone in the community hub on Steam made a very in-depth explanation of what the game could mean and I recommend anyone who play this look at it if you're curious after playing, it made me appreciate the game more.