The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

released on Aug 18, 2023

Take on the role of one of the notorious Slaughter family, or their victims, in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a third-person asymmetrical horror experience based on the groundbreaking and iconic 1974 horror film.

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The best multiplayer game of the year. Even though it’s a multiplayer only game, it really captures the feel of the movies and it makes it so much fun to play it. Every game is so different.

Have this but no friends to play with to actually make it fun D;

this game is so funny. the first time a killer gets on you they can remove you from the match. or if you're unlucky as killer and the entire enemy team is on discord with each other, they can escape in like 30 seconds. and there's gamebreaking bugs allowed to persist because ??? but it's fun cuz it's a TCM-themed DBD clone

o único atrativo dessa desgraça são os gráficos pq de resto

A imersão que Texas traz aos jogadores é dificilmente vista em jogos do mesmo gênero. Você se sente na pele do sobrevivente, diante uma grande dificuldade para escapar dos assassinos, tendo que abordar os melhores métodos e caminhos para não ser pego. Inicialmente você sente que o jogo favorece muito os assassinos, mas acredito fazer parte da experiência que eles desejam aos sobreviventes: sobreviver a todo custo!

i have no fucking clue what im doing