The Zoo Race

released on Sep 03, 2007

Religious themed racing game.

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i need to play it again it's been a long time

you can press both the right mouse button and the up arrow to go double fast + pick reuben or bethany to win

This review contains spoilers

This game is as badly made as a computer game could go. The story is retarded, 2 Christians argue over Noah's ark and settle their differences from turning into animals and competing in races against other random people who are animals, as bad of a story as a dumb writing wannabe can come up with. The controls are completely too loose, and tank controlled for controlling you animal. The Course has little textures as it can, with random obstacles including devices not invented around the time of the Noah's ark tale. The music felt like a teacher who's not good at writing a song trying to create their own for their class. The effects are terrible, you can get stuff to everything, preventing you from racing and the animals race before the narrator even said "Go" yet. The sound is just the music and motor sounds for the animals racing with other sounds missing. The powerups make you go faster for a bit. This is the most copy and paste game ever, the fact it's now free doesn't change the fact that you'll still waste your money from playing it.

I still don't like god but this game is very cool!