Tokyo School Life

Tokyo School Life

released on Feb 12, 2015

Tokyo School Life

released on Feb 12, 2015

"Tokyo School Life" is the story of your trip as an exchange student in Tokyo and the three girls you meet there. Live the everyday life you love from anime and manga!

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Standard romance VN, where you’re an exchange student in Japan, befriending 3 girls whom you’ll get to know and maybe fall in love.

There’s absolutely nothing outstanding here although I was somewhat enjoying the ride until two things happened:

1- At a certain point you get to choose one of three destinations suggested by each girl for a school field trip. Fair enough. But come the time to choose and two of the three choices were greyed out including the destination I wanted. I thought the game had glitched. After a quick search it turns out that depending on your previous interactions not all options are available. Ok, but if that’s the case don’t offer me the choice! Obviously the designers want to entice you to replay to unlock all pathways but this is not how you do it. So that kinda miffed me.

2- That’s the final chapter. This game is really short. Just as you should be settling in on your quest for love the game is basically over and I had to walk that path I was forced to take that included some depressing medical drama I was trying to avoid.

I only completed the game because I knew I didn’t have further to go, otherwise I would have jumped ship.

It's.... passable. Extremely harmless, but if if this isn't your first visual novel, you'll probably find it boring. Heck, I argue that I don't recommend this as your first visual novel.

idk why but... I liked it? It was surprisingly educative about Japan and gets pretty wholesome at times. The character models are pretty impressive animation wise for a vn and once you finally settle into a route the story is quite pleasant. This was dumb but i vibed with it

Not a very long read, but a very fun one full of heart. Though it has some rare pacing issues (Sakura route in particular) nearly every second spent reading is enjoyable. Each of the three routes offer unique stories, whether it be about self-acceptance, making manga, or my personal favorite, meeting an ex-yakuza, and all of these stories are backed by 3 extremely likable heroines. I highly recommend Tokyo School Life to anyone who wants a fun, short, comfy visual novel.